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Are you a Marketing Professional, Corporate Executive turned Entrepreneur,  Competitive Business Owner,  Aspiring Entrepreneur or Sales Professional beyond committed to taking your business to the next level, who wants to get more customers, clients, fans, followers, and drive more traffic to your website, social media or e-commerce site? Are you seeking a guaranteed way to generate a steady stream of high-quality leads (on autopilot) for FREE?  And do you seek out expert advice, professional strategy and leading experts in your industry as well as invest in training,  self-development, leadership and mentorship because nothing, and we mean NOTHING is going to stop you from succeeding, achieving your greatest goals and living your wildest dreams? Well... if you said yes. Get excited because you're in the right place and you're the right kind of person we like to work with.  Let's get this party started. You've have waited long enough. Enter your contact info below and let's connect, today!

"Leads, Legacy and a Luxurious Lifestyle Start with Strategy, Structures and Simple Step-By-Step Systems" Nakimbe B'aobab-Brown

Marketing Strategy

Legacy starts with strategy. Without a plan, you'll never be profitable, and without a foundation, you're fooling yourself because a goal without a plan is a wish. Your business needs corporate-level marketing strategies in order to succeed or you risk staying stuck. Don't condemn your business to failure or spin your wheels in vain. Get a Marketing Strategy to help you succeed (and stay sane!)

Lead Generation

Every business needs leads customers, clients, followers and leads to succeed. Yet 99.99% of people don't have a lead-generation strategy that works, and 68% of businesses report struggling to get leads and have significant challenges with lead gen overall. Mappdom is the inventor of the award-winning, proprietary S.O.L.D Lead-generation system that generates free traffic and leads on autopilot and increases business by 100-500% within as little as 97 days without spending a dime on advertising... EVER!

Chatbots and AI

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are taking over and making it easier than ever to market your business effectively and collect high-quality leads for FREE. Let us help you set up your own AI or business chatbot system for FREE and learn more about AI and how to use it in your business strategically to hyper speed your way to bigger, larger profits.

Email Marketing

Everyone is so concerned  with social media, yet Email Marketing and organic lead-generation are great ways to get high-quality leads an autopilot, that also allows you to market to them over and over again for FREE. Let Mappdom help you get more leads, nurture those leads and convert more leads into profits.

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Mappdom Marketing Strategy Review & Testimonial

Loved working with Mappdom! Mappdom gives you A+ service. They care about your company and marketing strategy and have a hands-on approach and strategy to make their solutions successful. If you are looking for a strategic marketing process for your business, I highly recommend Mappdom. Positives: Professionalism, Value

Heather Gibson, Virtual Assistants Academy
Mappdom Marketing Strategy company review and testimonial Kara Morgan review

The team at Mappdom helped me nail down my marketing strategy and provided the tools I needed to implement the strategy and target the right audience with a message they can connect with. Marcus was thorough and informative. Thanks so much, Mappdom!! Positives: Quality, Responsiveness

Kara Morgan, PlanIT Efficiency Corporate Solutions
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