Video SEO Strategy : Top 10 Strategies to Boost Videos Successfully 

 May 11, 2022

By  n6tnh

Videos are an extremely powerful marketing content tool to use especially when it is done in the right way. It is such a powerful medium that it can actually attract two up to three times more visitors to a website. It is actually predicted that about 80% of all internet traffic will come from videos alone, which is not that surprising since an average person can actually spend about 6 hours a day just watching videos.

With the demand and rise of video marketing, it is important that viewers can be able to find your video content easily. You spend money producing great videos but it’s still not being ranked successfully? How come? You can successfully attain this through VIDEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (VIDEO SEO).


To get you started, you must first know that VIDEO SEO is not entirely the same as a regular SEO. Video SEO is to optimize your video by increasing its quantity and quality of traffic to be indexed and rank well on search engine results.

Video SEO has evolved over the last few years and has become a very popular marketing content being used by a lot of businesses. It became a lot easier to produce, create, and upload post videos online, and digital technology has made it a lot easier for viewers to reach and watch all kinds of videos. And that same popularity made it a lot challenging and harder to rank videos in search results.

To gain a good ranking of your video on universal search results, has a lot to do with the authority of your website, is it video-focused enough and how it ranks for video-related searches. Instead of focusing on making a ranking on the universal search, aim to reach a high ranking on video search instead.

It is important to create videos that aim for social sharing, thus creating backlinks. The goal is to make the video content engaging enough, that viewers share it generating backlinks that help increase the overall authority of a website.

What kind of videos most likely get shared?

  1. It entertains.
  2. Provides a helpful solution and tips to a common problem.
  3. It helps educate and train on a specific topic.

How in the world can you accomplish all of this, you ask?

When it comes down to it, there are actually successful practices and video SEO strategies that can help you along the way with your video SEO efforts. These are trusted methods that you can implement that can give your videos a higher chance of ranking, which this article will outline below.

Let’s dive forward into MAPPDOM’S Top 10 tried and tested strategies for video SEO.

10 Video SEO Strategies To Boost Videos Successfully

  • Post and share to the right video hosting and social media platforms

What are the reasons why you want your videos to boost rank?


Remember to consider that question when choosing your video hosting platform. Is it your goal to gain traffic, get new leads, or generally, spread brand awareness for your business or brand? If you are focused on spreading brand awareness, then YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram may be the right platform for your business.

Sharing your videos on social media platforms can encourage social sharing by your viewers, therefore it creates a great number of backlinks that can give your site more authority in google’s eyes.

  • Video title and description are also important

This may be a simple optimization strategy but creating an engaging title and meta description actually plays an important role in ranking videos.  It is important to do keyword research when creating your video title and based it on the targeted keywords that people are really searching for.

Make sure that you don’t just compile every keyword you find to your title, take note that your title should be interesting and clickable to your viewers.

  • Keep your thumbnail image interesting and engaging

Viewers have a lot of options to choose from on selecting which video to watch from their search and the first thing they see when searching is your video thumbnails. A video thumbnail is much more important than a video title as the image would decide whether or not the viewer will click on your video.

That is why it is important to create a thumbnail image that is interesting enough and would stand out from the rest of the videos and grab the attention of the viewers.

QUICK TIP: Video thumbnails that have a human factor in them usually gets a higher play rate than those without.

  • Transcribe the video

Do you see the text that is usually paired with your video? That is known as a video transcript – this helps provide crawler bots to be scraped and indexed because of the additional text, it gives the bots an idea of what your content is all about, giving them an understanding of your video content.

  • Pay attention to the length of the video

You have to remember that the viewer’s attention span in this digital age is a lot faster, and viewers tend to get bored easily that is why it is important to pay attention to the duration of the videos you will put out.

A person watching has about a 3-4min mark before their attention diminishes on a video and if the video is interesting enough they will continue to watch until the end. If you are going for promotional and marketing videos, make sure to keep it short including important aspects that would entice and grab the full attention of your viewers.

If your video is a learning or tutorial video, then it is understandable that its duration is a bit long, some marketers would chop the video into two parts if the video would get too long.

  • Metadata

This strategy is simple and requires no time at all to do, ensuring the optimization of the meta title and meta description of your video will help search engines identify and rank your videos on the results.

Your title, description, and tags should include targeted keywords, search engines will assess all of this to get a better understanding of what the topic of the video is.

  • Post the video you want to rank first on your website and make it the focus of your page.

Posting a video to your website helps increase its engagement and user experience. That also doesn’t mean bombarding your website with multiple videos, take note that search engine crawlers tend to stop crawling after the first video. So if you are aiming to optimize to rank a specific video, then make that video the focus of your page.

Most times, we see a poorly executed website design wherein the video is hidden far away or embedded way below the folds. Search crawlers will unlikely go out of their way to index a hidden video. If you are aiming to rank your video and increase its crawlability factor and then the best way is to make it the focus of your page where it can be discovered easily.

  • Create a video sitemap

A video sitemap will help Google get a better idea of what pages do have videos in them and the content focus of that video. This is essential when you have created a large amount of video content that is published on your website, having multiple videos can make it challenging to rank them, which is why creating a separate video sitemap can be beneficial for you.

  • SEO is not the only important factor to boost your videos’ ranking

Honestly, as important as SEO can be it is actually not that entirely reliable.

Why is that? The reason would be Google is ever constantly changing its algorithms at the same time video is evolving at a lightning-speed pace, that is why it’s not a consistent strategy by relying on search bots to rank videos does not guarantee eyes on your videos.

SEO is hard to control, and if you really want to gain more clicks try exploring through paid advertising as well. There are many paid and non-paid strategies you can go for. You can pay to promote your video on Facebook, or Instagram. There are also non-paid strategies to look at like having reliable partners to promote your videos.

  • Encourage good engagement

A compelling call to action in your videos is an important factor when it comes to engagement. Encourage your viewers to engage in terms of likes, and comments, especially on your social media platforms such as YouTube.

Focus on the Big Picture

As an added bonus, this last one is by far the most important strategy of all.

It is all well and good to follow the strategies given above but even if your video is well optimized with its title, description, tags, thumbnail image, sitemap and so on if the video content itself is not high quality or entertaining enough then everything you’ve done will be meaningless.

That is why Video Content is very very crucial and is the most important factor of all with Video SEO. Make sure that your video content strategy is quality, to let the viewers learn, entertain, and help them when they watch.


Videos are a very powerful marketing tool especially if done right.


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