Customers Are Using Apps To Stay In Touch With  Businesses While On The Go

Shouldn’t Your Business Be “Mobile” Too?

Don’t Risk Falling Behind…
  • In the 60’s plastics changed the products we sell
  • In the 80’s computers changed how we work
  • In the 90’s the internet changed how the world communicated, and now…
  • In the 2010’s – Mobile Is Changing The Way You Reach YOUR Customers
Mobile strategies aren’t just for tech savvy, big businesses with deep pockets.  Small businesses can benefit from a mobile app too! Through Mappdom, you can join the ranks of big businesses who bet big on mobile for their business – and won BIG TIME.


Fig1_Evolution of Salesl_WEBRemember back in the early 90’s, when small businesses wondered “Why in the world would I ever need a website”. Today, if you don’t have a website, you can’t be found because you are not where people are searching.

Today, the same thing is happening with mobile apps. As apps become more popular, customers will expect the places they patron to offer an app because it makes life more convenient for your customers. Businesses that don’t offer a mobile app risk being left behind if they can’t keep put with today’s standards and expectations of customer engagement.

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Not only is an app great for your customers, they’re great for business owners too, with customer analytics, push notifications and social media check ins.

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And while you may have already thought to get a mobile app for your business, we understand the process to even begin can be a daunting one.


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 10.12.15 AM1st  – To begin, you’ll want to identify what you want your business’ mobile app to accomplish and do.

2nd – Then the technical work begins. You’ll have to find a good programmer, designer and developer, and be able to create a wire frame for them so they know what to do. But who can you trust? Are they any good? What will they charge? How do you know you can trust them?

3rd – Once you’ve taken care of all of that, you have to consider the cost to develop your mobile app.  Small business mobile applications can run upwards of $6,000 USD. Not every business has that kind of money to spend. Luckily, Mappdom apps customizeable to fit into a budget you can afford.

2 Transparent Background HResMAPPDOM = YOUR SOLUTION

Having had our roots small business and entrepreneurship, Mappdom understands the struggles of small business owners. We know it’s not always easy to make it, or sustain success. EVERY little advantage you can get in your business helps. That’s why we’re is committed to offering you the Best Quality App, at the Best Price, with the Best Service, Design and Support you can find. We make the whole app development process a smooth, easy, quick and affordable for you (see what some of our happy clients have to say)

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