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7 Things Small Business Owners Can Do To Shine and Stand Out From Your Competition in 2017


 The Nikki Clarke Show -Who Is Nakimbe Baobab? What does she do? and Why are mobile apps so relevant today? 

1. Tell us about your background.
Sure.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, worked for a little bit, then went on to several entrepreneurial endeavours from there including a few MLM opportunities. Later in life, to round off my marketing experience, I cemented my real world experience with an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  I’ve always been entrepreneurial, so had to get good at business, sales and marketing to succeed.  I had such a knack and passion for marketing, small businesses asked me to to help them with their marketing  campaigns. My constant search for new and innovative marketing/advertising mediums led me to Mobile Marketing, then Mobile App Development. Now, of course, I’m the CEO of Mappdom International.

2. You wear many hats. What inspires you to wear them all?
Of the many hats I wear, I’d say there are seven that I can be spotted wearing at one time or another. There’s my CEO hat, my Family and Friends hat, my Spiritual hat, my African Heritage Hat, My Learner’s hat, and my Physical Fitness/Health hat – and I guess I have an Alter Ego/Crazy/Adventure hat too!!

What inspires me to wear them all is they each enrich me in some way, and help to make me who I am. Together, they help me to live a full, rich and balanced life.

3. Describe your company Mappdom International?
Mappdom International is a mobile application development company. We develop mobile apps for small businesses.

More  than that – our whole mission is to bring together entrepreneurial minded people to benefit each other in our own little business ecosystem.

We’ve brought together developers who didn’t know how to market their services, and were having a hard time finding clients, and gave them work through licensed agents (Mappdom Independent Representatives)  sold  mobile to small businesses. Then these developers had work, got paid and made enough live a comfortable life.

For our reps, we wanted to give entrepreneurs a realistic, competitive and viable business and business system offering mobile apps to small businesses, where our agents could easily and actually make enough commissions to raise a family, instead of the dangling of the carrot syndrome that takes place in traditional MLM worlds.

For small businesses  like salons, spas, bars, restaurants, realtors, churches, musicians/bands etc.) we wanted to introduce them to the possibilities of MarTech  (that’s marketing and technology combined), namely in the way of  mobile apps that would increase their customer acquisition, retention and engagement opportunities. Not to mention the additional revenue generation. And they look like heroes because they get all of those benefits, but get to do it in a fun, technologically current way their customers love. MarTech brings technology and marketing together in an understandable, easy to use yet deceptively profitable way.

So, while we’re a mobile application development company, we’re really out for the total well being and satisfaction of five main groups – the Company, developers, reps, the small businesses and the customer.  Mappdom is  ALL about entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

4. What services do you offer?
Mappdom offers white glove service to our clients every step of the way. We lead the charge, offering our expertise through a comprehensive business analysis all the way through development, layout, design, functionality and publishing it in the app stores. Unlike many of our competitors, in addition to developing our client’s mobile apps, Mappdom offers one-on-one app training, marketing advice, a revenue generation strategy session and on going 24/7/365 days of support.

5. What kinds of features can an app have? 

Some of the features we love to include in apps are – Food Ordering & Reservations, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Shopping Carts, Social Media and Multi Media Integration, In depth App User Analytics for better decision making, Dynamic Content to keep things fresh and Push Notifications to get directly in front of the eyes of your app users, to get instant messages to them in real time (no more unread emails).

6.Where can people find you?

Find us online at www.Mappdom.com or call to book an app consult at 1-866-826-1126.