Mappdom, Google And The Mobile Revolution

The Mobile Revolution Is The Biggest Tech Shift In Years, And Small Businesses Are In A Race To Keep Up

You all know mobile technology is profoundly changing daily lives. 

Mobile is where people are doing their social networking, video viewing, reading, and location-based searching. So, how can small businesses capitalize the mobile revolution and adapt to their mobile-obsessed customers?

A recent report from BI Intelligence discusses the reasons smart, savvy small business owners are adding mobile apps to their business models, after realizing how important mobile access is to today’s consumer.

Mobile has become the fastest adopted technology of all time, connecting and empowering consumers everywhere.

  • Consumers place the value on mobile and the role it plays in their life somewhere between $700 to $6,000 per user. This should be a huge indicator to  small business owners, who should offer a mobile version of their business in all forms.
  • Consumers expect that mobile will continue to improve and transform their lives, delivering a Mobile Revolutionbroader range of services that will connect them with everything, everywhere.  How prepared are you ready to meet your customers mobile needs and take place in the Mobile Revolution.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that adopt a mobile mentality are the fastest growing among their competitors.

  • SMEs that are mobile leaders are winning. Typically, the 25 percent of SMEs that use mobile services more intensively see their revenues growing up to two times faster than their peers.
  • The mobile laggards substantially lag behind the leaders and are at risk of being left further behind.
  • Mobile usage is at an all-time high. U.S. consumers now dedicate more than one-fifth of their media consumption time to mobile. That’s a share five times greater than in 2009
  • In fact, we’ve passed a usage tipping point. Consumers are spending as much time on mobile as they are in the traditional online category (which includes all activity on desktops and laptops).

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