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Nakimbe Baobab and the Mappdom family would like to welcome our Summer 2017 Apprentices, Elle Robertson, Marcus Roi and Jemeria McPherson to the Mappdom International Leadership Development Program (M.I.L.D.)

Mappdom is a MarTech company  (a marketing and technology company) with over 20 years of combined marketing experience. Naturally, we thought we had marketing pretty down pat. However, things have changed in the marketing world. We discovered a few years ago, in order to keep up with social media and new technology, we needed young people in our organization. “Fresh blood” as they say who understood social media, influencer marketing and vitality in a much more intuitive way that we did.

Our first intern, Nate Davis, introduced us to so many cool resources; it literally transformed our business. From that point on, we were hooked on millennials because of all they had to offer. We really appreciate their contribution, and respect their vision.

Two examples of  transformative tools Nathan brought to Mappdom include #SLACK and Wunderlist to streamline team communications.  Nathan, a young, bright 20 year old, ready to take on the world, was very much into start ups and growth hacking. He introduced us to a whole new way of conducting our internal business.  In 2016, our second apprentice, Maia Kristiana Kerr, introduced us to growth hacking, story telling, pod-casting, media manipulation, video, virality and more. These were not things the old timers in marketing were talking about. At least not to any appreciable degree.

After experiencing how invaluable millennials have been to our company, Mappdom decided to formalize and enhance our MILD apprenticeship program. It’s now an annual practice to bring  new interns into our organization every summer. We  love millennials and we want them in our business! (Read our article –  Don’t believe the lies. Millennials are great to work with –  as long as you just give them what they want)

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Meet Our Interns

Jemeria McPherson

Jemeria McPherson is a young black emerging business woman, who has attended both Seneca and George Brown college for Media Studies and Business Marketing. Her time in school activated her future aspirations in business, which fulfills her life’s purpose; helping others. She is located in Toronto and enjoys the diversity and complexity that the city has to offer, especially the food! In her free time, you can find her at the gym, book stores, taking a stroll, or in a coffee shop line. Writing and communicating are qualities about herself she appreciates and makes time to continue developing those skills.


Elle Robertson
Elle Robertson is a third-year Communications Studies major at York University. She has always been interested in the marketing and advertising fields because she enjoys content creation and helping people connect with their target audiences. Most of her time is spent either creating content for personal use, volunteering for the Royal Canadian Legion, or going to networking events. Why? Because she loves working with people who are interested in the same things and who are working towards the same goals. That’s why The MILD program is a perfect fit.  Elle also enjoys volunteering initiatives and contributing to society by building community. Elle’s contribution to Mappdom will contributing to marketing campaigns through building brand awareness, promoting events, and creating content. Outside of that, Elle enjoys acting, biking, and dance.


Marcus “Roi” Medford

Marcus “Roi” Medford is a poet, journalist, philosopher, lover of football (the European kind) food, conversation and art. He is also a photographer’s assistant and radio-show. In June, Marcus will graduate in Journalism with a degree from the University of Toronto.

Marcus has written for numerous publications including the The Blueprint, ByBlacks, the Toronto Observer and New Canadian Media. Marcus has performed his poetry at multiple venues in Toronto and is a published author of  poetry, “Book of Mars” later this year. You can check out Marcus on Twitter: @marcus_roi, follow his blog, or download his app in iTunes or on Google Play.


Want to know more about about Mappdom’s International Leadership Development Program? Take a peek at our promo video below.

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