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Black History Month: Nakimbe Baobab and Son Make TedX History

Back-to-Back TedX UTSC presentations empowered
Toronto’s black community to achieve success in life and business.

TORONTO – Feb. 7, 2020: Author and CEO Nakimbe Baobab and her son, poet Marcus Medford, made history at UTSC on [date] when they gave back-to-back TedX talks on issues and challenges that impact their community.

Kicking off Black History Month was a family affair for the duo, who pride themselves on contributing to the rich cultural fabric of Toronto’s black community. Baobab and her son are both alumni of UTSC, graduating with distinction and academic awards. After a powerful poetry performance by Medford, aka Mars the Poet, Baobab took the stage. As a veteran author, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, Nakimbe shared her guidance for building a life of meaning in our fast-paced, digital world. In Creating a Life You Love with Vision, she proposed an innovative approach to living your best life – stop reaching for limited goals, and replace those with a vision that guides you every day.

In honor of Black History Month 2020, Nakimbe is pleased to open her schedule
for interviews and speaking engagements to discuss her strategies for defining
and realizing both personal and financial success, as well as the unique challenges
facing the black community when reaching for the fulfillment they deserve.


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