Mobile Apps That Make Champs Money

Get a leg up on your competition. Stand out from the crowd. Create special experiences with users that help them bond with your brand like never before. Get instant feedback turning users into participants. Monetize your app by offering ad space or sell push notifications to advertisers to generate additional revenues for your business.  Mobile apps are extremely effective for restaurants, churches, salons, spas, conferences, educational institutions, sports organizations and more.

Over 3 hours a day are spent on mobile devices. 90% of that time is spend in apps – 10 favorites are used daily and 30 apps they are loyal to throughout the month.

Mappdom offers Basic, Standard, Premium, Elite and Enterprise level apps. Internal enterprise apps supporting sales, operations, communication and reporting and can run $250,000 – $2.5M. Elite, Premium, Basic and Standard apps start at $16 (w/ 40% discount for qualifying organizations). Production time is  8 – 12 weeks.  Additionally, we offer Progressive Web Apps, mobile ads, SMS marketing, a game with your brand, responsive websites and more.!