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Welcome to Mappdom Media and Mappdom Marketing Reality TV. Everyone with his or her ear to the ground knows video is taking. We are in a digital world where content is king, distribution is queen but it’s little prince video and princess podcast that run the show. To prepare our clients for the video world ahead, we have them record their marketing and business growth journey along with all of life realities, trials, tribulations and triumphs. Watch and learn marketing tips along the way you can apply to your business as they implement them in their own businesses.

Uncover your Hidden Pearl of Differentiation during Mappdom’s CORE4 Processing Interviews. With on-site studio intakes, we are always looking for videographers, editors, filmmakers, photographers and musicians to capture these magical moments.

Have you ever been in search of really good marketing talent, support or photos but didn’t know where to look? Explore a wide range of resources available to help you. Support students, millenials and freelancers living the #FreedomLifestyle. Want to open your BIYM studio? Contact us today. Have talents, skills, abilities and services you would like to offer? Contact us today.