Why Champs Choose Mappdom

Mappdom EMpowers you with the proper tools and know how you need market your business better (often yielding a 10x return on your marketing investment within 91 days).  We do this by using Mappdom’s Proprietary Marketing Formula (E) = M(P)xM(F)xM(B)xM(M) which strategically combines only the synergistic elements of email, content, social media, online reviews, video, webinars, graphics, SEO, mobile, PPC, website conversion and more.

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37,019 hours of Mastery. 17,100 hours corporate marketing and branding, 15,600 hours of network marketing, 1,976 hours of direct response marketing, 266 hours of sales training, 2 years’ intensive copywriting, 5440 hours Management Degree and 2,080 hours MBA.