Champs Giving Back

Mappdom is an Empowerment Company. We are about Mastery, Love and Living a #FreedomLifestyle.

We demonstrate this through donations to Food Banks, STEM Projects and The Paralympics. We encourage this through Education, Scholarships and Student Loan Repayment Programs. We advocate this by promoting Personal Responsibility in the areas of Personal Development, Financial Domination and Business Mastery.

Mappdom Empowers Those With Hearts Of Champs Small Businesses, Students, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Communitarians and Paralypians.

We believe this can be accomplished through a better understanding of the world around us from equally important personal and technological perspectives. As a MarTech company, we encourage using any all available digital tools available to help oneself better understand the world around them and enhancing one’s life by taking advantage of all this life has to offer.