Mappdom’s “Champs” Marketing Academy

Private Partnership & Coaching Program

Many entrepreneurs  unknowingly practise their marketing backwards – trying to build a solid business on shaky ground, often starting to market their service or product before doing anything else. This not how corporations do things. That would be considered amateur. Professionals consider this “Chump Mentality” Mappdom teaches The 4 Essential Cornerstones of Business Success that must be mastered if one is to build a business that lasts.

We Will Analyze Your Business From Top To Bottom, Providing Video Feedback, Strategy Suggestions And A Report Card For Your Records FOR FREE!

Take your Business Pulse with a confidential audit of your brand. Go ahead, get personal, ask us questions. We’re here to support you. We offer Partnership Programs so you never feel isolated and an Elite Coaching Program where we work with you to Master The 4 Cornerstones of Your Business. We are caring professionals providing you with critical feedback you need to succeed.