Founder & CEO – Nakimbe-Oya Baobab, MBA.

Nakimbe Baobab is the world’s leading authority on mobile marketing for small business. With over a decade and half of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, the CEO brings Wall Street marketing strategies to Main Street entrepreneurs setting them up for digital success – including the introduction of mobile apps to small business.

Focusing on quality and superior service, Nakimbe is committed to business growth, customer retention, and increased revenues for her clients. Nakimbe holds an MBA from the Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business. She has worked with and studied under several famous internet marketing strategists including Gary Vaynerchuk, Todd Brown, Tim Erway and Mike Dillard.

Nakimbe is a marketer, copywriter, publisher and public speaker. She enjoys various forms of yoga, takes African dance and improv classes, and practices Brazilian Jui Jitsu.



Head of Mobile Application Development – Nathaniel Davis

Nathaniel – or Nate as well like to all him – Grew up during the new tech revolution and it has tremendously inspired him to get to where he is today.

Having received his education at private high school, he later attended The Start Up Institute of Chicago for web and mobile design and development where he was the youngest person to be admitted into the elite program.

Nate takes great pride in his design work and is especially committed to providing a superior user experience, incorporating cutting edge user interfaces and using the latest design trends. As a part of the “connected generation” Nate understands and respects the value mobile apps can bring to small business, and specializes in creating apps that increase both loyalty and revenue for the clients we serve.


Director of Operations and Strategic Management – Rick Meekins

Rick helps business leaders to start, run and grow successful businesses. His expertise lies in helping business leaders clarify company goals and developing innovative strategies to achieve them.

Rick helps to organize operational procedures focussing on business model design, sales and marketing, product and service life cycle, financial management (cash flow, profit and loss, sources and uses of cash, forecasting) and internal team development.

Rick has published a number of articles, been featured in many interviews and has been well received at speaking engagements. He is an avid learner, often discovering ways to combine seemingly unrelated lines of thinking to develop different and sometimes unique perspectives on approaches to problem solving.

Rick’s education spans Culinary Arts, Business Management, Project Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Foresight, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Design and Innovation. Rick has taken numerous graduate study courses, culminating in obtaining his MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.

Head of Client Support – Doree-Lyn Nuguid

Doree Lyn is our blogger, SEO writer, copy editor, and master of search engine and social media marketing (SEM and SSM).

Her role at Mappdom is to conduct daily research and keep current on the latest trends, stats and reports in the mobile and mobile app industry, and relay that information to our management team, customers and our agents. She is also responsible for our email marketing campaigns.

Doree holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Business Management. She is an entrepreneur by nature, smart, professional and polite. Doree administers superior training to our agents, and provides excellent customer and support to everyone who is a part of the Mappdom family.