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It can be tough deciding which app company to use for your mobile app needs. You may even be ambitious enough to think you can build a mobile app yourself. Maybe, you can. However, before you get started, there are a few things you might want to know.

Option1: Do It Yourself Apps

Option 2: App Development Companies

There is something you should know when considering automatic app building programs or even using other developers for that matter. Here it is.  We, here at Mappdom, have been doing this for a long time. We also have over 15 years of marketing experience. We understand consumer behaviour, needs, wants and preferences. We know what makes them buy, share and stick with you.  Unlike our competitors, Mappdom incorporates all of those critical features in the design of your mobile app to provide you with the highest engagement potential from your customers, while increasing your revenues at the same time.

To prove it, our clients have the highest number of downloads when compared to our competitors. The reason is we offer the best app experiences possible.  It’s also the reason your customers and clients, not only use your app regularly… they keep your app on their phones for a long period of time.

Just take a look…

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Mappdom Mobile Apps  are designed to be an extension of your brand,  and provide a seamless experience between your traditional and mobile brands. Many of our “competitors” do NOT do this. Additionally, we offer  unprecedented levels of customer service, taking care of our customers from business objective analysis, to app conception and design all the way through to marketing and ongoing technical support.

How To Tell a Bad App From a Good One?

It’s clear from the video above, other app companies are not as dedicated to providing you with a clear strategy, the way Mappdom does. Their lack of commitment to the app development process produce lesser quality apps. The apps some companies produce (including DIY apps) don’t look anything like your business’ brand and therefore, don’t represent your business well.

A poorly designed mobile app is one that doesn’t have the same look and feel as your business. It does not represent your brand well.  This interruption causes a psychological disconnect and eats away at the brand loyalty you’ve worked so hard to build.  If your competitors app looks better, it will do better, and they will be more successful. So you want to make the RIGHT IMPRESSION the first time around.

Because it means users keep your app on their phones longer, and spend more time engaging with you on your app. This increases brand loyalty, and meaning you don’t have to spend as much money to bring new customers in because you are able to  retain the ones you already have longer.

  Demo Some Of Our Apps Below 


When your app looks good and functions well,  users will keep it on their phone longer. They will also spend more time engaging with you on your app. Brand loyalty from your customers means you can retain the customers you already have longer, so spend less money trying to acquire new ones in the long run.

Importance of A Good User Experience (UX and UI)

Anyone can have an app developed, however, if your developer doesn’t consider the look, feel, brand value and functionality of your app, it won’t stay on your customers’ phones long. This means you end up paying for a product that doesn’t produce returns for you. Not the greatest idea.  A app of value means users keep your app on their phones longer, spend more time interacting with your business, become loyal customers and spread the word about your business.

Check out this before and after (disaster) with a client, Ed from Ed’s ChowderHeads USA, Jupiter, Florida. Here was his app before Mappdom…


Here is his app, after Mappdom…


Do you see a difference? Save Yourself Time and Money with an app from Mappdom

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