What Do Monthly Hosting Fees Cover?

At Mappdom, only we offer white glove service and end to end support for all of your mobile app needs. We work with through app set up and design, execution, marketing, training, support, and so much more. You really do get what you pay for… and here’s what you get from Mappdom.


On Going Support – Access to customer service 24/7/365. Your app doesn’t care what time it is when it needs it’s attention, and neither should you. That’s why we offer 24/7/365 complete app support.
System Maintenance – No technical skills required on your part. We maintain the integrity of your app’s platform to ensure functionality with Apple and Google at all times. You never have to worry about “going down”  while server maintenance activities are taking place.
Access To Your Back Panel – We give you access to your back panel to make quick and easy changes to the content on your app. This means less wait time for you in  Mappdon’s revision queue, giving you more control and the ability to make changes on the fly.
Automatic System Updates – Sometimes Google or Apple make changes to their terms and conditions which may impact your mobile application if you don’t comply. When that happens, you won’t ever have to worry about it. You’ll never even have to hear because we make those update for you. Worry free service at your finger tips – literally.
Free Feature Upgrades – We continuously add new and great features, tabs and functionality to our mobile app platform on a continuous basis. And as a Mappdom Member, you never have to pay any additional charges for new features, worry about being out of date or missing out on the newest technologies. That’s because included in your monthly membership are free upgrades and access to all and any features we offer, at no cost. No matter when they come out, you will automatically get access to any improvements we make or features we add.
Unlimited Push Notifications  – No restrictions on the number of messages you can push to your app users.
Customer Analytics  – Get an unprecedented and in-depth look at who is using what on your app. Get a better sense of what your customers interests are, what they are concerned with, all without having to put together, send out and analyze surveys.