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Listen To This Seven Minute Recording,  Then Read Below 🙂

COLES NOTES: My business is changing (in a good way), and we’re inviting new agents to join our team. And I’m not sure if you’d be interested or not, but I wanted you to read this because I have a small window to place you at the top of  my company – at a 50% commission level  – saving you a whopping $2700!  So read below, and act fast because  I’m locking this thing off in just few days!!

Reg 2997 now 297


Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this right now, that means that you’re special, and I either know you through Network Marketing, MLM, some other business we were both affiliated with. Over the year – one thing remains true – some of us who have tried to succeed in our “own businesses” have not experienced  the kind of success we hoped for. And it’s disheartening.

And I don’t know if you ever feel that way or not, or maybe everything is honky-dory in your world, but after years of not seeing consistent success, I got tired of spinning my wheels and yada yada yada… one thing led to another and I eventually started my own Mobile Application Development company.

Right now we have reps who go out and offer mobile apps to small businesses. They are tearing it up and seeing as you can make anywhere from $500+ and up per app, they’re pretty happy!

Not to mention, you don’t get a lot of no’s in our business because we offer mobile marketing solutions and mobile apps to small businesses  that need and want our services.

In any case, the highest license level someone can get at Mappdom is an Elite License, which is $2997 and gives agents 50% commissions (on the wholesale value of an app which we never sell for less than $1,000  – putting at least $500 in your pocket ).

But don’t worry.. YOU won’t have to pay $2997 – you’re getting a 90% discount. That rate is only for people who sign up any time after Sunday.

Anyway, I sent you this message because I like ya, and I care about your well being. You may not be at all interested in this, or you may know someone who is.  All I know is I would have LOVED someone to have done this for me back in the day. So, that’s why I’m telling you about this.  You know what they say – Do unto others 🙂

So, That’s Why …..

I’m Offering YOU +  A Handful Of Other Friends, Family and a Few Business Associates  – A SPECIAL ONE TIME ONLY OFFER 

Over the next several few weeks, our company will be moving to a NMHRO business model (Network Marketing Hybrid Model)  – If you’re interested, I can tell you more about what that is later. 

For now, the more pressing thing to know is  our team is expanding Mappdom’s business model and we’re scheduled to codify the back office software sometime next week. And once the license levels, commission levels and prices, are programmed into the system  – THEY’RE LOCKED!

You see,  after we lock in and codify the system, I’m not going back in – to change the rules in the system…for ANYONE.  I can’t do anyone any favors or cut anyone any breaks. And I hate that that sounds mean, but it really wouldn’t be fair to other people coming into the system after everything has been codified to “jump the line” – I’m sure you understand that.

That’s why I’m giving YOU and a few select people I know – first dibs and the opportunity to lock yourself in at the highest paying Commission Rank now – at 90% off  – before the price jumps to $2997 

SIDE NOTE: You and I both know, it’s a rough online world out there and reputation is everything!  To ensure Mappdom continues to do it’s best, maintains the integrity of our business and protect the reputation we worked so hard to build … we decided we would not bend the rules for anyone  after Sunday- no matter who it is (not even family) at anytime in the future –  because that just wouldn’t be fair.

So I hope you can take advantage of this now because after THIS Sunday at 12:02 m- the only way to get a 50% commission level license is to buy the Elite Platinum license for $2997 (or meet team requirements  – which most of us no longer want to do).

Remember… at the 50% commission level your’re paid a minimum of $500 per app!! 

Now – of course, I don’t expect you to reserve yourself a spot and pay to come hang out with me at the top of my company, that’d be silly.

Of course, I’m also going to give you my entire Mobile Application Development Wealth Building System so, if you DO decide to offer an app or two to local businesses in your area that you might know- you’ll have all the tools you need to make some cha-chang.

In your Mobile Application Development Wealth Building System, you’ll get Presentation Kits, Order Forms, Infographics, Objection Handling Scripts, Email templates, Training Videos, Inspiration and more!

OH! One More Thing – I Forgot To Mention…

I am only reserving spots for a limited number of people and it’s first come first serve.  And I’d rather see people like you (people I know personally) to benefit over the friends of my  business associates who will soon start handing out this link to people they know.

(You see,  if I have to personally work one on one with people –  given everything else I have to do in the next few weeks, I can realistically only give my attention to about 29 people)

Ok – So, now that you have some background info, you have two options


  • Reserve your spot today, jump to the Order Page now, and save yourself $2,700


  • Get more information – on the Mobile App BOOM! But REMEMBER remember  this offer expires Sunday, and spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

WARNING – If you choose Option Two –  I’m warning you right now, that the font on the next page may be really ugly. There might even be different font styles throughout,  the alignment may not be straight, and the copy can be really cheesy at times.

(Please excuse that. It’s just that this copy wasn’t intended for you when I wrote it. It was part of a promotional campaign we were running, but I wanted to get this info into your hands quickly, so I scrambled to put this page together for you – so even though it might not be pretty, and it’s most definitely a little cheesy – you’ll get the gist).

In any case, here are your options again

 Option A – Take Me Directly To The Order Page now. I want in!

Option BRead Mobile App Explosion Cheesy Sales Copy I’m almost embarrassed to show you.

In any case, don’t say ever day I didn’t do anything nice for ya – haha

Here’s how much time you have left to decide. Please feel free to pass this along

Talk to you soon.


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