You may be new to the world of mobile apps, but you’re not new in business. You’re smart, sophisticated and savvy.

And smart, sophisticated and savvy business owners are joining  the Mobile Revolution.

If you’re the kind of person who landed on this page, it tells us, you’re the kind of person who wants to take your business to the next level, and somehow you know a mobile app can help you do that. And after reading the information on our site – we hope and expect, you’ll want Mappdom to be your Mobile App Developer, because we would love to serve you.

So…what are you waiting for?

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We want you to succeed and win in the Mobile Revolution. That’s why we design your Mappdom Mobile App to intentionally Increase Engagement, Foster Customer Loyalty, Generate Additional Revenues and help you Leap Frog Your Competition.

We’re not like those online “do it yourself” app building website – where one size fits all. And we’re not like other mobile app developers who just give you an app, take your money and run.

Instead, Mappdom Works With From The Beginning To The End, To Uncover Your Business Goals, Builds You A Mobile App Designed To Help You Accomplish Those Goals, And Provides A Customized Marketing Plan To Help You Execute Your App And Your Mobile App Plan.

Mappdom understands your app is the mobile version of your business and it needs to represent your brand well. There should be no real distinction between your business, and your business.. mobile.

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Take Your Mobile App To The Next Level


Mappdom’s Competitive Edge

Unlike do it yourself app building programs or other developers, we have a background in marketing. We understand consumer mobile behaviour and preferences and we include those critical features in our design, so our clients have the best app experience possible and keep your app on their phone longer. Our apps are designed to be an extension of their brand, creating a seamless experience between their traditional brand and their mobile brand. We offer a unprecedented level of customer service, and take care of our client’s from app conception, objective and design through to marketing and support.

How To Tell a Bad App From a Good One?

Lesser quality apps (which use usually cost less), don’t look anything like your business’ brand and won’t represent you well. A bad looking mobile app is one that doesn’t have the same look and feel as your business, and does not represent your brand well.  It causes a feeling of psychologically disconnect feeling in your user.  Not good for building brand loyalty.  If your competitors app  looks better, it will do better. And they will be more successfully, mobility speaking that is…, and these days, that’s all that seems to matter. So you want to get a great quality app the first time around.

Why is Brand Consistency In Your App Important? Because it means users keep your app on their phones longer, and spend more time engaging with you on your app. This increases brand loyalty, and meaning you don’t have to spend as much money to bring new customers in because you are able to  retain the ones you already have longer.

Importance of A Good User Experience (UX and UI)

Anyone can have an app developed, however, if a developer doesn’t consider the look, feel, value and functionality of your app, it won’t stay on your customers’ phones for long. A app of value,  means users keep your app on their phones longer, spend more time interacting with your business,  become loyal customers and spread the word about your business.


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