What To Do To Get Your Mappdom Business off the Ground

Now – you may have only signed up with us to reserve a spot for yourself incase you decide to offer apps to small businesses in the future – and you’ve locked yourself into a 50% commission level  – CONGRATULATIONS!

However, if you really wanna rock and roll, here’s what to do next.

So… how does The Mobile Application Wealth Building Bootcamp & Mastermind Group. work, exactly?

Well – It’s Pretty Easy Actually  

Step 1.

Now that you have a license to sell apps under the Mappdom name,  scout out businesses who would benefit from having a mobile app or mobile website. Click here to see what some of the best industries and features are.

Step 2.

Make a list and set up appointments with local businesses in your area to chat about their mobile app and the benefits of  having a mobile app and/or website.

Option 2  – Select a niche and put  a few websites through Google’s Mobile friendly test or Page Speed Test. Then send them a screen shot or YouTube video (if they fail). Offer to build an app for them (and/or an HTML 5 mobile friendly site – again remember -we do the actual development for you). Urgent offers are great – ex. $497 if you purchase in the next 48 hours, $597 in 7 days and $697 after 10 days. Offer expires in two weeks… etc. etc.

Step 3.

Go over what mobile app features or tabs your prospect will want on their app, close the deal and fill out any the paperwork to submit your app to Head Office.

Step 4.

Contact our submissions office, give them the details along with your license number. Our developers will get to work and build your app or HTML page for you! You of course –  go back and present the app, as well record any changes they want, but really…THAT’S IT!

We’ll handle training, marketing and support for you – at least in the beginning anyway 🙂

Oh – and one more thing I almost forgot

Step 5….


See  – no design, tech or software skills needed.

Our guys do all of the hard work for you.

Enrol at Mappdom U and get acquainted with Mappdom’s Resource Center  – (currently this is just a mish mash of Infographics, Statistics, Videos, Objection Handling, Email Scripts, Inspirational Messages and everything else you need to be successful – BUT  -it’s not organized (again – we weren’t expecting you).  Not to worry. We’ll have it all cleaned up for you in no time.  Promise.

In any case:

And remember, with your Mappdom license and through Mappdom’s Mobile Application Wealth Building Program, you can earn all the cash you need with ZERO technical, software, design, user interface or user experience skills. You don’t need to have ANY app building or graphic design, UI or UX experience at all what so ever. We’ll take care of all of that for you.

We just want you to go out there, sell apps, make money. SIMPLE.

You and I should speak soon, so please send an email to mchakra@mappdom.com to arrange a time to speak.

See you on the other side!!

OH Yeah – Here’s the Link to Mappdom U and Mappdom’s  Resource Center.