Black BroVember, which started out as a marketing campaign to raise money and bring awareness to issues affecting young black boys, through the sale of the Lite It Up Beard Oil, has been scrapped. The campaign was designed by Mappdom International, a leading digital marketing agency in Downtown Toronto, as an attempt to gain international exposure to the brand through social responsibility. Up until this point, Lite It Up had been using Level 1 marketing tactics which had been limiting the company’s growth.

Level 1 marketing activities involve mainly word of mouth advertising, simplistic non conversion focused website design and non short stacked social media posts, as opposed to full stack.

The reason this can hurt businesses, because often times, small business owners and entrepreneurs are not aware that there are 5 levels of Marketing Sophistication and Awareness, and the “Glass Ceiling of Marketing” is often what holds most small business owners from success when it comes to their marketing.

Follow the Lite It Up Beard Oil Campaign over 18 months (May 2017 – August 2018) to find out how this campaign unfolded from beginning to end. From friends to enemies, and success to sabotage.

As the drama unfolds, watch and learn how to TRANSFORM YOUR OWN MARKETING so your brand looks, feels and acts more like a competitively professional, well respected and recognized corporate brand. It’s okay, if you’re small today.

Remember, every BIG BUSINESS was once a little business that with strategic marketing.. GREW.

Attract More Attention, Gain More Customers and Make More Money! That’s the Mappdom Way. [Unfortunately, not everyone takes our advice. The results speak for themselves].

Follow along and find out what business owner, Valerie Augustine of Lite it Up Beard Oil, Lite it Up Candles, Body Spa and the Lite It Up Men’s Grooming line does right, what she does wrong, and how it all turns out in the end!

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SEASON 2. EPISODE 1. Intro to Valerie and the Importance of Using Video In Your Business.

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Nakimbe: Okay, good. Okay, yeah, so I’m saying… so what I want to do is I’m going to get the log in from Marco for this, and then go in and highlight some of the keywords. Did you see your keyword video? Did you ever see a video about your keywords? Okay, I’m going to show you. Because there’s a lot of… Where is it? Yeah, so we have this folder for you. It has all this. So this is your life, this is our Lite It Up file. This is something different than Slack.

Valerie: Okay.

Nakimbe: And so we have competitor information in here, who some of your competitors are, and you’re going to be doing more of this, I think next week, or next month. Just some of your branding, some of the banners that we’ve done, but there’s a whole keyword research where we went on this particular site that tells you how many people are looking at what words so you know what people are searching for, and this is what we based your website content on. And these are the words that we’re going to highlight, because these are the words people are searching for. So we’re going to pour them all into your website, which is different than what you had before, which was mainly just a shopping cart with not as much content, right?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So that’s kind of the strategy behind that. Oh, yeah. And then I want to have a lead capture form. Because what I was saying is, most people when they go to your website, they’re not going to be like, “Oh, my gosh, I’m so in love with this product. I’m going to buy it today.”

Valerie: Right.

Nakimbe: They likely to come back, right?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: And eventually, when we get to like higher level marketing, you’ll have those little cookies that follow them everywhere so the Light It Up beard oil will follow them.

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So we’re not there yet.

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: But what I want to do is start to capture some of the contact information of the people that come to the site so that you can send them emails, which is basically, all we’re going to really do is sort of leverage the content that we’ve already done and just sort of recap it. So that’ll be really easy. But we have to think about a good, like something that we can give people an exchange that they will want to give us their email. So I don’t know if that would be a beard report. And I don’t think guys are going to download a beard report. We can do like maybe, they can get maybe access to… I think we should definitely do video and sort of maybe think about some funny content or some sexy content. And what I mean by sexy content is something that makes them think that, “Oh, well, if I click this and read more about this I’ll become more sexy.”

Valerie: Yeah [Laughter]

Nakimbe: You know, so I want to figure out what that is. So that was just the first part just saying that now that we did the Father’s Day campaign, and you’re back and I’m back, I’m going to fix up this website. But first thing I want to do so that we can send people to it. Yeah, and the second thing I want to do is just talk about some of the results of the Father’s Day campaign. I think you’re saying you didn’t get any sales from it. But you had more likes and followers and just like how many more and what nationality is like, can you tell me anything about them?

Valerie: I think on Instagram, I find is more lack of better word, action on Instagram than on the Facebook page. Okay, so I tend to kind of focus more on the Instagram page. With the ads that I posted, like, some of them went as high as 600 and something…

Nakimbe: Likes?

Valerie: Yeah. Usually when, like, an everyday post, I might get like 30 to 40 likes or so. Okay, so that was like a huge influx with those ads and stuff. In terms of followers, I think I had maybe just under 100 and now I have like 125 so maybe 25, 30 new followers. But there seems to be a lot of other beard people.

Nakimbe: Like competitors?

Valerie: Other competitors, and also like beard pictures and people who post just like asking like other guys who have beards like to post and then they post their picture. So I don’t know if they’re really buyers…

Nakimbe: Can you say that to me again?

Valerie: And so there’s like a cider Instagram page, it’s called Beard Pictures. So they asked guys to send in pictures of their beards, and then they post it. I don’t know what they really get in return…

Nakimbe: Oh, okay.

Valerie: …But I find I have a couple of those types of people following me as well, and a lot in like the UK, a lot in the UK.

Nakimbe: Perfect.

Valerie: Poland, like all over, the states as well. But there’s a couple beard companies like every time I post stuff, it seems like a lot of competitors. Well, I don’t really say competitors, I kind of see it as kind of like a big brother, every community or beard group kind of thing. And there are a lot of like cool pictures. I like that, you know, like comments like that. But it’s not… I don’t think there are actually people who would buy the product.

Nakimbe: Okay, yeah. Good to know.

Valerie: And then there’s a couple like beard models on there, and guys who have beards, just, you know, like, I guess everyday guys that have beards and stuff, and quite a few women following and liking the pictures and stuff. So it’s kind of a mishmash.

Nakimbe: Okay, is there any way that you are tracking? And if not, it might be something that we have to get to eventually. If you’re tracking any kind of correlation between if in what, when you post on social media and if there’s any kind of sale? Like, is there any way for you to track? It’s like, you know what I mean? Like we were able to say with some of the new banners that L created, we were able to see a jump. So I’m just trying to figure out how we can see what banners work. And again, we have to increase those followers because 100 people that’d be enough.

Valerie: Yeah, yeah. Not really, I don’t really see any kind of pattern, really yet. And I try to post different nationalities and like quotes, or like how to use beard oil. So I tried to do tips. So I tried to do different types of content but I haven’t really seen a pattern to say, when I post in the morning, it’s this or when I post these types of things or anything like that. Yeah.

Nakimbe: On your Instagram, because I don’t go on Instagram.

Valerie: Okay.

Nakimbe: You said that a lot of them, some of them are competitors, and some of them are regular people. Can you just tell by their names?

Valerie: Yeah. And then I go in and look in, I look to see. So it’d be like, you know, Pelican Beard Company, or Detroit….

Nakimbe: Mmm, people checking you out.

Valerie: Yeah, so it’s a lot of different. And when I look at my page to compare to a lot of the other beard pages, it’s a little bit different, I think, like the kinds of…Maybe because I’m a girl posting. I don’t really…I try to be like, dude-ish, like so that they don’t know that it’s a woman that’s posting so I try to post like I’m a guy, kind of thing. When I was in Grenada, I took some pictures of the beards I like on the beach and stuff like that. So I try to do different kinds of posts. But it’s a lot of companies. I would say like 80% of the followers are.

Nakimbe:Okay, that’s what I was going to ask. So 80% are other companies?

Valerie: Yes.

Nakimbe: And of the 20% that’s remaining, how many of them you think are guys with beards? And you said there are some women, I can’t remember all the other category. So how would you break up that other 20%?

Valerie: I would say like 15% would be guys with beards. And then the other five would be like women. And it’s not a lot of my friends either, like, majority of the followers are people I don’t know. Okay, my Light It Up page… So even on my…I have a Light It Up Instagram page, even when I post beard stuff on there, I’ll have a lot of fun. I tried to like tell people, “Okay, go on the official page,” but it doesn’t seem like they’re going over there. I don’t know.

Nakimbe: That’s funny.

Valerie: Yeah. And then before, I was only following like for people, so Elle, I think she’s kind of followed a lot more people. So now I have 52 people that I’m following. Before, I only had like four or five people that I was following. So I think that kind of makes a difference.

Nakimbe: And Elle is our Instagram person.

Valerie: Right.

Nakimbe: I have to talk to her later on this week. I’m pretty sure that there is a way that you can…Well, there’s a way where you can just reach out to someone who’s following you, write them a…

Valerie: Private message, yeah.

Nakimbe: Okay. Yeah, I think we’re going to have to do that. We’re going to have to do that with the…

Valerie: Like Beards For Life, Beards In Ink, Beards Collection, Beards Bro Coalition, Beard Guide Box, Beardaholics.

Nakimbe: Those are really good for me to know, though, because we can put those terms in your website and then people are…Because normally people will look at your product, but then they’ll review it.

Valerie: Yeah, right.

Nakimbe: And so I think you might remember in one of our early earlier strategy sessions, I was saying that one of the things I want to end up doing your website is a beard review thing.. So when people are searching for it, inevitably, they come right to your thing. So be good. Okay, so no sales, but you got some followers, we have 15. And I have to circle back to Elle but I remember thinking…

Valerie: Now, I would say on the Facebook page, I have about the same amount of followers, but a lot of those are people I know. Like those are mostly my friends.

Nakimbe: Okay. Yeah, I think Instagram is probably going to be the way for this. Also thinking about something else. Men, beards, women? Yeah. So I know, I think you came here at the end of May and I’m like, Okay, I know we only have two or three weeks where we’re going to try to do this Father’s Day campaign. And afterwards, I was thinking men may not…Like not until the end, when you told me you didn’t get any sales, I was like, how come she didn’t get a sale. That doesn’t make sense. But I realized that we might have been targeting the wrong people with the Father’s Day ads, we should have been…. And that’s going to be more tricky and that’s actually where we have to go is we actually have to start, because I’ve been doing a little bit of research. We have to start gearing the beard stuff towards women. And again, I just want to remind you, I’m starting, like, I want you later on to tell me about your Christmas campaign. But I am personally, Elle and I, the area that we’re going to focus on is the beard stuff because, well, it’s hot right now. And that’s your biggest profit margin. So I think you were telling me on a $25 bottle, you make 20 bucks, right?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So, yeah, so that’s why we’re working on this. I just want you to know. What else? Oh, yeah. So eventually, I’m going to have to figure out where to find these women who have men with beards are who would buy them beard oil. And I don’t know…

Valerie: So, there’s a couple of pages like women who love beards and stuff like that.

Nakimbe: Yeah?

Valerie: And then it seems like to be like some t-shirt, like, you know, like little slogans talking how women like men with beards, if you don’t have a beard, don’t talk to me. You know those kind of things. So there seems to be that whole kind of movement too with women who like guys who have beards and so I think focusing on the woman is a good thing, because even when I did the Irie festival, and I had the setup and everything, and we were giving guys samples with beards, and we had them coming over and stuff, they would always turn to the girlfriend beside them. And you know, she’s like, “Okay, I like this one.” He’s like, “Okay, I’ll get that one.” Because she likes it, right? So I’m like, “you know, you’re smelling it so you have to like it.”

You know, so a lot of times I think it’s the woman who—even if the guy didn’t really like that sense, if the girlfriend said she liked it, then he would get it. So it was kind of like a running joke the whole day we kept saying to the woman like okay, no, you smell it because you’re the one who has to smell it on him. So I think that is kind of a good way to go with the women. And also I think we had talked about too, I’ve noticed a lot of young guys have beards. So even like mothers buying them for their sons or introducing it to the younger guys because they don’t know what to do. I think once they have it in their hand then they’re like, “Okay.” And guys I think are more loyal. They won’t go and try this here, go to the there, go to there, once they like something, they’ll kind of stick to it.

Nakimbe: Okay, sorry. So moms getting it for… Yeah, it’s definitely girls. Yes, I would be talking to people on even on the plane on the way back to Jamaica, the guy beside me. I would talk to like random people, “Can I ask you a question? Do you use beard oil? No, I’m not selling it. I have a client and I just want to know what you’re thinking.” And some of the stuff I got back. So I didn’t even write all of them down. So my cousin’s guy uses beard balm. Did you tell me you’re making a balm?

Valerie: Yeah, I have a beard balm, too. Yeah. It’s already in process but I was just kind of focusing maybe on the oil for now. The beard balm I think if you have shorter beards and thing, but I mean, it can go simultaneously. I have a beard wash. And the beard wash did really well at the couple of shows that we did recently setting up. And I think too they kind of see it as a kind of novelty because you always think of, you know, using the shampoo and your hair and the bar soap on your face. And I’m like, “No, you can’t do that.” And like “Okay.”

So the beard wash and so it’s kind of…Even though I haven’t advertised it as much I do have some little ads and stuff but I think that also is the fun the oil and the wash.

Nakimbe: Hmm. Oh yeah, that’s why I was talking about the balm because my cousin’s fiance has a beard and I was asking her about it. So his name is Gino, I said, “Does Gino use beard oil?” And she’s like, “No, he uses a beard balm.” And I said, “Really?” I said,”Why? Why does he use it?” And she said, “because he wanted something to tame his beard.” So like again, using that sort of phraseology in our content is really good and I didn’t know.

Valerie: Yeah, and it’s more to kind of structure. You can use on your mustache too. And more for taming, laying down the hairs because it has the beeswax and the shea butter in it so it’s a bit thicker. The oil’s more for moisturizing. And then a lot of guys too, the beard growth, “Is this going to grow thing?” My beard’s growing, but right here it’s patchy.” So I think letting them know that well, all the ingredients in it are helpful for growing hair and stuff like that. But I think beard growth is something that all men are looking.

Nakimbe: That’s a big thing that you’re getting at. All of this stuff that’s in your head right now, do you have this written down? Because really good. So one of I mean, I think I’ve probably asked you to make me three videos, but now I need you to do another video. And then after we’re done, you can tell me about your timeline so that we can set expectations. I don’t want to tell you to do a million things and you have 500 emails to catch up on. But yeah, just a video with you know, what kind of feedback you get. Because I make notes, and that’s why I record these things. But you said some really good things like just what they’re interested in, like you said, a lot of them are interested, or the novelty aspect of the shampoo, or the girlfriend. So if you can just make me a video with all of your sort of findings or experiences when you go to these events. And you know, men tend to like this or they asked this. Is price ever concerned?

Valerie: No.

Nakimbe: Never a concern?

Valerie: No. And what I’ve been doing lately is throwing in a beard comb with their purchase. So they like that. I think most guys don’t even have a beard comb. I think it is put in your pocket. And then I think even the velvet bag. You know, put it in there, they could take it to the gym or whatever like that. So they kind of like that idea. So, I have a couple, these two guys, they’re beard ambassadors, brand ambassadors. So they give me a lot of feedback. And they like this stuff as well and the packaging and all that kind of stuff.

Nakimbe: So verbal, or…?

Valerie: Yeah, and they posted some stuff on Instagram and stuff, like he’ll put it in his bathroom with his shaver. And he really takes us beard… He’s a white guy, Portuguese guy, he’s a real estate agent, but he’s really taking this beard brand ambassador thing like really seriously. So I would love to do like a photo shoot or do something as well, because I think at one time you asked me if I had real guys, and I do have a few real guys that we can use that are willing to, you know. So even if it’s in a gym or something working out, and just… not even really even seeing their face, you know, but seeing like the beard in the bathroom, or I don’t know, different scenarios or whatever. But that’s also a possibilty.

Nakimbe: From what I would call, I think you said that you’ve had maybe 10 guys using the product or brand ambassadors and three of them were really active.

Valerie: Yes.

Nakimbe: Our next step is I want to do a survey, you’ll get to work on this in a couple weeks is working with some other stuff right now. But I want to do a survey of those guys to find out, you know, how long they’ve been using their product, if they ever use anything before? What they like about it. I want to know what they don’t like about it, what’s the most they would pay. I want to know how often they use it, if they forget or whatever, all of those things, I have to do some research and sort of find the commonalities of it. And then I want to get some testimonials from him and stick those on the website as well. Yeah, I think that’s it for them.

So the other thing that I want to talk to you about is…So with what I’m doing is, well, it’s huge, like everything I’m doing is just a part of a greater strategy game. So my goal is to have this whole package because I don’t have the energy to do this for like 100 people, obviously, right? So I want to perfect the process, and then put it in a package, I think I was telling you, and then sell that package to small businesses. So it’s like, follow these steps and really get these results. That’s what we want to do. So I’m in order for me to perfect your product or anybody else’s, it takes a long time, because you have to do all this building, building. I don’t have time for that, because I want to prove this product… Like I said, I’ve done it like for Fortune 500 Company so I know that it works. But I want to prove to small businesses that work because, ironically enough day with no money are the most skeptical. I don’t understand.

Valerie: We don’t have money so we’re like, okay, we want to make sure that money we have…

Nakimbe: We don’t waste it, right? So anyway, so I basically want to get you more successful more quickly. I want to get you to $100,000 as quickly as possible. So one of the ways that that’s possible to do is something called a video sales letter… Oh, I actually need you to call a company to find out how much they charge. Because my understanding is that these programs are anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. And the more money you pay, the less they take of a sale, the less you pay up front, the more they take of a sale.

Valerie: This is the video sales letter.

Nakimbe: Yeah, well, I’m going to give you the guy’s name to contact. His name is Todd Brown, and I’ve worked on his campaigns, but I have no idea how much the clients have paid. And he won’t tell me. So I was just going to be like, Oh, yeah, I’m going to just refer you Yeah, you can say, Hey, I have this product and I understand you guys….” I’ll give you all the verbiage and you can find out how much that is.

But this is the way most internet marketers launch their business. So I’m thinking about…I’m going to do with another client too, Jessica, you know Jessica?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: I’m going to do with her to which is like, we’re still going to do all of the foundational stuff, the brand, and the competitor analysis. But at the same time, we’re going to just do whatever to make you money like now. Because nobody has a year, a year and a half, two weeks to do this kind of stuff. So basically, what I want to do is I want to create a video sales letter for you. And it’s like, I’m not charging any money for it. But they are worth, and you’re going to confirm it for me, they are worth like a minimum of five, but they usually go up to 10, 15,30, depending on how complex it is. So what I want to do is I want to set this up for you. But because I know that you don’t have that money to pay me, I want to take a percentage of every single sale. So that’s why I wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with an amount that you feel fair. So for every jar that we sell, or subscription or whatever, what you think is fair. So that’s what I want to talk about.

Valerie: So what is a video sales letter?

Nakimbe: Oh, a video sales letter is…? Oh, what’s that? It’s not even a video sale. It’s a video sales letter. But it’s a specific sort of technique, and language and process that we use to bring people to buying your product. So it’s not just like, buy the beard oil. It’s kind of like, this beard oil… Okay, let me give you an example. Here’s a perfect example. What we’re trying to combat, and I’m going to get nerdy right now.

Valerie: Yeah. What we’re trying to combat is people’s level of awareness. So what I mean by that is years ago –and this is the example that we always use in this industry—years ago, you could say, “Take this pill, and you know, lose weight and everything,” “Oh my gosh, wow.” And then that didn’t work because everyone was hearing the same thing. It’s just like, “Take this pill and lose seven pounds.” So all of a sudden became more specific. And then it’s like, “Oh, yeah, we heard that one before.” Then it’s like, “Take this pill and lose seven pounds in nine days.” So became again, more specific. And then recently, you might have even noticed with the whole [inauidble 24:04] thing. So it’s always like, it’s called finding the mechanism and the product that makes it different than any other product, and you’re sort of…It’s sort of like a legal case. So basically, with your product, what we do is we present a case, right, and we say that your case has this specific mechanism—and that’s also what I need to talk about tonight—a specific mechanism or trait that is only found in your beard oil, that does this, this, this, this and this. And then through the video sales letter, which is just like…

Because the reason video sales letters came abou— they used to just be sales letters. Now, if you… I’m sorry, Valerie, if you had somebody selling a vacuum in your home, you could have a conversation, you could ask questions, whatever. But if you have a letter, and all you have is a letter, you have one chance right to sell them. So you have to tell them everything in a letter without sounding… So that’s kind of letter that I’m going to create for you. But then instead of having it as written content, which could be forever long, we’re going to just put it in a video. So I’m thinking that that’s the way we could sort of…

Valerie: Almost like an infomercial, kind of thing?

Nakimbe: It’s kind of like an infomercial but it’s also like I said, it’s also this really…And this is why people charge a lot of money for it because it’s almost like being a lawyer. You’re going to present a case and you’re going to you’re going to say like it grows beards, it makes your face softer, it does this it does is it does that. So, again, pardon my frankness but who cares? Every other beard oil is saying that we do this, we make it grow. So we can’t say that. So it kind of has to be like, um, so we talked about the first point. So it would be like “This product grows your beard oil because of this—shea butter.” And then we would go, we would hire a researcher, which is what I do, I hire researchers and then they do the proof. They’re like, “Shea butter is this, this, this and this? And that’s why. So in the readers mind, it’s like “Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So it’s not just a whole bunch of claims. It does this, this, this and this and this, like it does this because of this and that leads to this and here’s the scientific proof. Plus there’s this and this does this and Dr. So and So says that. So that’s the thing that I’m going to create for you. But then I’m going to take money on the back end. So I need to know from you what do you think is a fair amount.

Valerie: I don’t know off the top of my head. So is this per bottle?

Nakimbe: Per bottle. Or whatever. It’s 25 bucks?

Valerie: Yeah. What do you think…? It feels like Shark Tank negotiate.

Nakimbe: I know [Laughter]

Valerie: I’d say…I don’t know, I’ll have to do the math.

Nakimbe: You know what, I’m just going to do this video sales letter just get this going quickly while we do this other stuff. 50 grand?

Valerie: Off the top my head, I’m thinking maybe to $2.

Nakimbe: Okay. So softens.

Valerie: Softens the beard or facial hair, conditions, moisturises. It’s all natural. I use essential oils which are kosher and vegan butter. Smells sexy.

Nakimbe: I like that.

Valerie: It prevents bearddruff like dandruff.

Nakimbe: Oh, bearddruff, did you make up that word?

Valerie: I think I maybe saw it somewhere but I just kind of coined it myself.

Nakimbe: Okay, I just wanted to see if we can play on it usually.

Valerie: Bearddruff, it helps with itching, scratchy, itching beards. It helps promote healthy skin because the hair underneath, you know, you have skin underneath your hair so you got to also you know, moisturizer.

Nakimbe: Oh, you had mentioned growth before. I don’t see that here.

Valerie: And also beard growth.

Nakimbe: Anything else? So it softens, it conditions, moisturises, and promotes growth and anti-itch and anti…

Valerie: Because they promote healthy beard growth. That I can think of off the top of my head.

Nakimbe: Okay, those are good. So those are acclaimed. So what’s the difference between conditioning and moisturizing?

Valerie: So moisturizing. If you have dry, dry facial hair, you will help put the moisture back in your hair, and also give it that sheen. That’s another one I guess you get through that work. with that sheen really shine. And conditioning has to do with the actual oils and stuff that are in the beard oil that helps condition the facial hair, like using conditioner on your hair after you shampoo.

Nakimbe: Okay, conditioner and moisturizing. So moisturizer will put moisture back in your hair. Okay, I’m going to have to elaborate on those so that people know that there is a difference, because they might think that condition moisturizing is the same thing.

Okay, so now what are the benefits of having a soft beard?

Valerie: Well, the ladies like it. You don’t have scruffy beard, I think it also helps to maintain that polished kind of look, you know, so you don’t have straggly hairs and stuff all over the place. So I think it helps with just the overall finishing and look of the beard.

Nakimbe: Okay, so and what is the benefit of having your beard conditioned?

Valerie: Just having healthy hair, healthy beard growth, and it helps that the other hair, like when hair’s growing in when your hair’s healthy that it promotes healthy hair. So if you’re hair is really dry, it will be breaking off and stuff like that. So having a conditioned beard will help with hair growth, just like trimming your ends when you have dry ends, it helps with growing your hair.

Nakimbe: Okay, good. And moisturizer?

Valerie: I think moisturizing and sheen is kind of maybe kind of goes hand in hand. So it just looks healthy and keeps the beard not dry.

Nakimbe: Okay. And not having bearddruff. Well, that’s pretty obvious. That’s not having…

Valerie: The other white stuff all over your clothes and flakes and itching and all that kind of stuff. Like if your beard is dry to and not moisturized, you’ll tend to itch it and then you’ll have that kind of flaky stuff all over the place.

Nakimbe: Okay, and why is it important to have healthy skin?

Valerie: Because, well, I guess if one day they want to shave their beard off, but really…

Nakimbe: No, we’re not going to talk that.

Valerie: Yeah, I think it’s just having healthy just having healthy skin, not having ezcema or having razor bumps or bumps or any kind of skin conditions or whatever underneath the skin. And I guess it could be irritating too if the beard’s all nice and then your skin is all mucky underneath. So just having good healthy skin.

Nakimbe: Okay, and then we’re going to have the proof benefits later on.

Valerie: And so the other benefits just I would say too is a bottle because the bottles made of glass. And because essential oils, they should be in a dark bottle, like they shouldn’t be in a clear bottle because it helps keep the essential oils potent and the smell. And I think also having the dripper because there’s some beard oils where it’s just like a cap like that, you have to pour it out. So I think that’s like pouring out too much stuff. And some of them have that flip disc where you can flip the lid up. And I think too point that out so I think a lot of guys do like the fact that it’s in the drop shipper bottle. And it can control how many…So I say you know, if you have a shorter beard, put four drops. If you have a long beard…But you know, I’m just making up those numbers. But you can control how much beard oil that you use instead of putting a whole bunch in your hand by mistake or just over greasing up your face. So I think having it in that bottle and I think it looks a little bit more classy in that dripper bottle than some of the other bottles that I see that some of the beard oils are in.

Nakimbe: Okay, have you done a lot of competitive research on what the other bottle things are like?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So let’s say that there are 100 bottles of beard oil on the market. What percentage are drippy thing to be droppers? What percentage are the other ones that you mentioned?

Valerie: I would say maybe 70%.

Nakimbe: I’m sorry, 70% of what?

Valerie: Are with the drip bottles, but I find that the ones with the drip bottles are at a higher price point too, like they’re more expensive.

Nakimbe: Higher than yours are higher than them on generally.

Valerie: Generally. And then even ones that are more expensive than mine are all—you don’t see them in those flip disc bottles, whatever, you see them all dripper glass thing. And some of them come in plastic bottles as well. But the glass is best for essential oils and the type of oils that I use and enjoy.

Nakimbe: We’re going to talk about oils in a minute. Okay, so 70% are drippers and then which ones are pumps and the other…

Valerie: Some are what they call flip disc. And some are just, you just pour it out. So I find the ones that are just with the cap where you just pour it out, those are maybe 10 or $12 for two ounces or so.

Nakimbe: So after the drippers, which ones are the most popular? The pump or the flip disc?

Valerie: I’d say the flip disc.

Nakimbe: Okay, do you have any idea what percentage you might think? We can just guess. It’s not that really…? We’ll just say maybe 15 and 15? Or I’ll do 10, 10 and 10 or whatever. Okay, so what do you know, that’s different about… because I remember when we… because we didn’t focus that much on beard oil. When you were first here, we’ve talked about all the products like a whole big strategy, then we’ve sort of narrowed it down to the beard oil, because that’s where we can make the most profit.

So I want to know, like, how much competitive research have you done on different beard oils?

Valerie: I think quite a bit.

Nakimbe: Okay, and what have you researched? Like do you know what percentage of the competitors also use all natural things as opposed to not all natural because we could do a whole play on right, the difference between medically synthetic or whatever, so we can do a play on that. But then other people who use essential oils…Oh, that’s what I was going to say because we could do a whole branding theme cutie thing about we put love in all the candles and stuff like that. But we can’t do that with this product, obviously. So I’ve got to figure out what the differentiator is with you here in this product. Like, why would I pick your product over somebody else’s?

Valerie: I think most of the other beard oil people don’t use really synthetic oils and stuff like that. I would say the combination of the oils that I use and the fragrances that I use.

Nakimbe: So what do you mean by combination of oils?

Valerie: So I use like, grape seed oil. argon oil, I don’t see a lot that use argon oil. It’s a very expensive oil. Jajoba oil.

Nakimbe: Sorry, your argon oil is in all of your products?

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: Why did you choose that?

Valerie: Because it’s excellent for his growth and excellent for hair period. They call it liquid gold. It’s like a huge thing they’re putting it in shampoos now and stuff like that. But it’s a very…Even if you just buy pure argon oil, just like that, it’s very…It’s also called Moroccan oil so it’s an expensive oil. And I use…

Nakimbe: And sorry, you were saying that, from your competitive research, there aren’t a lot of other ones that are using argon.

Valerie: Not a lot. And I use grape seed oil. I use…Can’t remember right now. I use hemp seed oil. I use castor oil and avocado oil, because both of those are excellent for hair and hair growth as well. That’s what I was thinking of maybe doing a hair serum. I mean, a beard growth serum as well.

Nakimbe: Yeah, we talked about that. But no, that’s a great one. It’s a nice way to differentiate yourself.

Valerie: But all those oils are good for promoting healthy hair, healthy skin, and all that kind of stuff. And I think too some of the combinations of my beard oil. I notice like everybody kind of does like a woodland mist, which I do have that. But that’s not my… I don’t think I’ve ever even sold that one. It’s like cedar wood. And I call it the Lumberjack. It’s like that outdoorsy guy, kind of. So everybody kind of does something like that. I have that vanilla sandalwood that does really well, the frankincense and ginger and licorice, I don’t really see other beard oil people doing those scents as well. And some of them they’ll just be like, just sandalwood. It won’t be like a combination of two or three other essential oils like how I do. So that’s what I’ve noticed with some of the other beard oils out there. And it’s Canadian made. I don’t really see a lot of Canadians made beard oils out there. And I also make them in small batches. So it’s not machine you know, you put in the machine and it’s all machine-made. So I think that hand craftedness or artistsan kind of thing is kind of so they know that you know, each batch is quality. And you know, it’s what he called quality control and all that kind of stuff. It’s not big batch and sitting there for months and months and whatever. So I think that’s kind of people like that kind of handcrafted… I don’t like to stay homemade; I like to say hancraft because it makes it seem artistsan. So I think that it’s also a big, big thing. And in terms of…

Nakimbe: Oils, combinations.

[Jumps to new thought]

Valerie: He goes, “Okay, you got me, which one do the girls like?” And that’s how I told him a bottle. He was just like, you know? So I think that playing on that kind of their egos is…

Nakimbe: This product, yeah. So any beard oil will make your beard shiny but this beard oil will get the ladies and here’s why: ladies like scents, ladies like variety, whatever, it will come out. I don’t know.

Valerie: Well groomed men.

Nakimbe: Yeah. So that’s good. So I do actually have a little bit of time— more time than I thought because I’m not doing the Fraser things anymore. By I’m going to Ottawa this weekend. So I might not get it done by Monday. But I’ll have it done by the end of the week, because it’s kind of my focus. And then I want to get Marco to put those things on the site. And then once this is ready, we have to make that into a video, which you’ll have to pay for. But it won’t be that much. We’ll make it into a video and then we will put that video on your website and drive traffic to the website. And then we’ll circulate the video and chunk it out in different kind of places. But that’s the goal and just start bringing some traffic. And then after that, we, not you, you won’t have to do this, but we will have to come up with an email campaign so when people sort of, you know, download this free report or find out what the girls really like, whatever the hell we’re saying to them to try to get their email addresses, we need to send them emails because they might not buy from you the first day. So we have to sort of come up with that content, what we want to say. And it’s not just a matter of coming up with content, but like content that leads to action, get them to buy and then we can send them special, we can send them surveys, you know, but the first thing is really getting their information. So that’s kind of what I want to work on. And yeah, I think that’s it. Yeah., your Christmas campaign. Was that beard related? Or is that just all your stuff?

Valerie: Yeah. All this stuff. So I’m just trying to kind of figure out what my fragrances are, my Christmas fragrances. Every season I have my summer/winter fragrances and so my fall/winter fragrances, and then what kind of packages I want to put together. In terms of gifts and gift baskets, I find too that men will more likely buy things that are already packaged. So I tend to sell a lot to guys during Christmas time because they don’t want to think about, you know, their mom and dad, what should I buy whatever, when it’s already packaged for them, and they’ll go ahead and buy it. And I was still looking at that whole subscription box idea, because I do still really like that idea. And just maybe kind of changing up maybe how I sell because even like the sales reps that I have, like they’re exhausting me. And so I think I need to find another avenue of selling so that’s kind of my head is at.

Nakimbe: Okay, cool. Yep. And then we’re going to find out what your competitors are doing and steal their stuff. I mean, borrow their stuff. And yeah, again, like I said, once we get into like higher level marketing, we can actually choose their websites, right, find out where they’re getting their traffic from?

Valerie: And do you think like doing like a beard event or something like that to bring awareness? Or do you think that…? Then I know that’s going to be spending money on samples. I’ve given out so many samples and stuff, even like on first Friday I give out, or maybe two dozen or so but I have like three guys already call me to ask me where they can get it from.

Nakimbe: Really?

Valerie: So I thought that was kind of just…Maybe I don’t know, if I should, just to kind of build up momentum or something like that. And November is coming up so that’s something that we could maybe play with, especially for the guys. Especially the guys who don’t normally grow beards, right, they’re going to have that itchiness. And that bearddruff, so maybe trying to do some kind of marketing towards that or whatever.

Nakimbe: SO November and Christmas campaigns.

Valerie: Or even saying, you know, $1 from each sale in the month in November will go to prostate cancer, something like that, the whole campaign for November. So, I don’t know if that would be a thing.

Nakimbe:Yeah. You’d have to come up with all of that stuff.

Valerie: And then you hadcome up with the idea too with the kind of beard babes, I was calling them.

Nakimbe: Yeah. I don’t think we have enough time. Well, you don’t have enough time to execute that for Carabana.

Valerie: Yeah. But I kind of liked that idea.

Nakimbe: But we could find out, um. Hmm. Let me see. If we could find out what NASCAR is or when that is at those other places. NASCAR is gone. Okay. Well, I don’t know what kind of thing like that would be coming up where you know, you can have like sexy girl and guys doing with beards… Well, you know what? That’s fine. That gives us some time, but the beard babes are good and important because it’s distribution.Rather than obviously, you know how that works, rather than you doing anything. Let them go and get… I think I’ll get El to work in that campaign. That’s a three weeks to share. It has already just assigned her to have. But maybe she could sort of start to create a campaign around that. Let me see what else?

Valerie: Or maybe do am event or something in November that ties back with the beard oil, but also ties into that giving, so like that charitable giving, you know, X amount to postate cancer.

Nakimbe: To where and like what kind of event and like what are you thinking?

Valerie: I don’t know, it would be a lunch or party or just like…I don’t know.

Nakimbe: A male auction thing, maybe? Okay, well, yeah, we did give them

Valerie: I was thinking even before I met you, I was like, “Oh, I need to have a party, I need to have a launch party.” I was going to call it BYOB, which is Bring Your Own Beard. And it was not going to be a party like a party-party per se, but just kind of, you know, some drinks, I was going to do it at a local brewery. And I thought it was kind of guy-ish. And they could see how the beer’s mdae and all that kind of stuff and do little bit of beer and have some samples around. But also have some girls there. I was saying six, one for each type of beard oil that can, and not even demonstrate or put it on or have like displays around the room with the different scents. And then, of course they could purchase.

Nakimbe: Mm hmm. Where would you have that event? And like to whom would you advertise it?

Valerie: Well, I guess any guy who has a beard.

Nakimbe: But what you do is you hand out cards and you do radio? Like how would you get them to this event?

Valerie: Yeah, that would be the next step. Ididn’t think that far [Laughter] Invite people but it would have to be some kind of, you know, for it to be dramatic, I think. Make back my money or whatever, then I’m going to spend on…

Nakimbe: Yeah, I’m trying to think of how it could be a launch that would be sexy and get a lot of people out. It has to be some kind of auction or something. I don’t know. There’s like, maybe if it’s from November. You hold it at a place and you have like $10 entry free. And you know, you’re having a November event. So you’re going to make money on the door. And then, you know, have local, nominate—there we go because we like vitality. Yeah, we want vitality. So it’s kind of like, we’re going to be having this event. This actually have to be started next month, if we’re doing it. So I’ve got to talk to El and find out about the schedule. But um, yeah, sp November is coming up, we’re having this event. Come support prostate cancer, and then nominate….You could I guess, I don’t know how it works on Instagram, I’ll have to ask El, but I know for Facebook, you’d nominate somebody, maybe just tag them. And you’re nominating them to be either…. I’m just talking out loud; I don’t know how it works. You’re nominating them to be in a beard contest. I was also thinking about beard calendar too.

Valerie: Yeah. It’s a good idea.

Nakimbe: I want to do that. But it’s sort of like a way… because it’s like, you know, you tell your friend and that way, you’re getting all those group of people. And then reach out to them and say, you know, do you want to be a part of this auction? So maybe we can have beards and just …

Valerie: Vote to be a part of the calendar?

Nakimbe: Yeah. Vote. That’s right. So like a Chippendales could come and it’s like a beer thing. And maybe in August, it’s like, get your beard ready for November.

Valerie: But, I mean, if we do something like that, and it doesn’t need to be an event, they can just send in their best beard pics or whatever by a certain date, and then the top 12 will be on the calendar or do something like that.

Nakimbe: Yeah. And then we can drive them, we can drive traffic back to your website. So it’s not just like vote on Facebook, but it’s like click here to vote. And that goes to your website. So you’re getting traffic to your website, they can see some other stuff. And then we’ll have the pictures of the guys and they vote.

Valerie: And then they could even, you know, “Make sure you vote for me” like on their pages, or social media to drive people back to the website or something like that.

Nakimbe: Well, this is cheap marketing. But that’s also how we’ll choose…Because we wouldn’t make this public. It’s like, yeah, everybody votes. But at the end of the day, the Board of Director makes the final.

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: So you could vote. So who we’re going to choose are people with the highest following, obviously? If you’re super cute with a nice beard and you have one friend,, you ain’t no good for the business. So yeah, because even something I did for Dr. Fraser, it’s like I have to pick winners and just pick winners but I’m like, obviously, I’m going to pick strategic winners.

Valerie: Yeah, exactly.

Nakimbe: You know, okay, so that’s a good idea to go up. I will brief El on that. And then I’ll go over this tape. I’ll send it to her. And sort of go over some of the things that we’ve talked about. But yeah, I want to do the video sales letter for you.

Valerie: So in this video, would I have to be talking?

Nakimbe: Oh, no, no, it’s all words and pictures but it’s pretty nice. And then with some of the emails we’ll offer. I’m actually going to really copy one of these things, but sorry, I’m going to copy one of these other campaigns that I did. But I still want you to call I’m going to email you I still want you to reach out to these guys and find it if they were to do this for you how much it would be because I’m really, really, really curious. I can actually copy most of their stuff so that part should be pretty easy. This part takes a little bit of creative. But I’ll sit with it for a few days and then that’s that.

So, just in terms of how things are going with Mappdom, do you feel you’re getting like, are you learning until you getting your money’s worth? You feel like things are good?

Valerie: Yeah. I’m learning definitely. I know this past month has been a little hectic and all that kind of stuff for both of us. So I’m glad we met just to get back on track. And then at first I was like, okay, should I be posting? Because I don’t want to post anything and ruin like your…So I started posting again, and just on both my page, but on the beard oil page as well. So I just keep continuing…

Nakimbe: Yeah, you can post as long as you’re not spending too much time on it, because that’s not where I want you to focus your efforts.

Valerie: And then in terms of the website that… I’ll send you the link again.

Nakimbe: The Dropbox link? Oh, no, you don’t send them again. If they’re in Slack, then I can just look for them there. And then I’m going to get on Marco to put them on there. Because in Jamaica, he told me they were on there and when I…Because I didn’t have Wi Fi and when I came back, it was exactly how I left it. And I want that site ready, because we’re going to send people there. That’d be good. And then I think I mentioned that I want you to maybe make a survey. I think I asked you to do two things that I remember what the second one was. But do you recall the survey was one of the first things I asked you to do?

Valerie: No. I remember it was SWOT or something. And when I was away, I’m like, I’m going to do that video. And I can only remember strength, weakness, I couldn’t remember the O and the T.

Nakimbe: Opportunities and threats, like what are the threats to your business would be if beard stopped being in style? Yeah, you know what I mean? So that kind of thing, so we have to sort of plan for those. And then the other thing, too, is how do I know it’s like two separate things. But how can I kind of marry all the rest of my products into this? Would that be a different campaign, like the body butters and the oils and all the other stuff that I do?

Nakimbe: Yeah, they’re all different, right? Because you can’t do a SWOT on four products because they’re all going to have different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. So yeah, you do them. Like I said, right now for now, we’re just concentrating on making you money. That’s the biggest thing that we’re going to focus on now. And then once that campaign is up and running, we can have another one so then you have two running and then once those two are running, you can have another one because right now it’s the body butter and the oils and those things that are selling that’s making the money right now is the beard oil is still…It’s new, but I could see how the potential for it, where it’s going.

Nakimbe: So your body butter and oils, what kind of oil?

Valerie: I mean, beard oil, it’s a body in here, oil. I do a castor oil, my sheablack soap does really well as well. So like I have all these other things, but I know that they’re kind of a little bit more advanced than people knowing you know about it and stuff like that, but I just don’t want it to be kind of left behind.

Nakimbe: Yeah, no, there’ll be picked up but that their profit margins aren’t as high on those as the oil. And that is high. So that’s why I didn’t start, like I said, You’re still free. Of course, obviously, you do your thing. My job is to make you the most money quickly. So that’s one way to do.

Yes. Thank you for coming on.

Valerie: No problem. So you want me to do the SWOT video?

Nakimbe: Yeah, the SWOT video. You already did your intro video. So yeah, so you just have to do some research on what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are for the beard oil thing. And then I want you to write me, I want you to actually write me the 10 questions first before…. Well, it doesn’t have to be 10 questions, write as many questions as you want for the survey because that I want to get out to those guys right away. And what percentage…? Like how confident do you feel that…Out of the 10, if you’re like, here, 10 guys, fill out the survey? Do you think all 10 of them will do?

Valerie: I think so.

Nakimbe: Yeah? Because I know, like I said, you have three really good brand ambassadors. So I guess you can write your questions.

Valerie: And then you’ll give me the information for this Todd brown guy?

Nakimbe: Yeah. When do you think you could have those, the survey questions are more important than this one. When do you think you could have those questions?

Valerie: Okay, next couple of days. So just basically like, why do you like the product? When do you use it and stuff like that?

Nakimbe: Yeah, any and everything that you can think of? Yeah. How long have you been using it? How they use other products? Like, any insight.

Valerie: Which one is their favorite? Because they all have, like one guy Ryan, he really likes after hours. Johnny likes in the zone. So I could ask them which one is their favorite?  When they use it? Why? How often?

Nakimbe: Do other people comment on the beard? Or are other people noticing it? Or is it just them? Is there anything that would make them not buy your product anymore?

Valerie: Or maybe if they’ve noticed any improvement in their skin or facial hair? I’ll come up with survey questions.

Nakimbe: Yeah, because if you can send that out, if you can get that to me, and then I can revise it, you can send that to them next week. I’m going to get the answers by next Friday, that will tie in nicely to the content that I have to create for this thing.

Valerie: Yeah.

Nakimbe: Okay. Oooh, yeah, I remember I had one guy asked me, you know, how do I quantify the work that we do monthly? I was like, there’s really no way for me to do that. Like, I can’t say, you know, it’s like being in school. It’s like, Okay, well, if I’m going to take…

Valerie: It’s proven by results, once you see…It’s hard to not see…

Nakimbe: Yeah, and like I said, it might not be monthly.

Valerie:  It takes a lot of brainpower. And that’s why things don’t happen just like that. People think that okay, well, I just do this campaign is going to happen like that, or I do that it’s just going to happen like that. They don’t see all the steps that it takes to get to that and all the research.

Nakimbe: Yeah. That’s why I like working with experienced people. And I’ve actually started to narrow down…One of the things that I’ll get you to do and part of what’s nice about the surveys, we can sort of figure out age ranges, and then get more specific on who your target market is. But I remember when I was going through this exercise for myself, at first, my market was small business owners, and then it was like black small business owners. And then it was like…And then I realized, I like working with females and males, and then I realized that it couldn’t just be any female, she had to been in business. Oh, and I interviewed you about that and a couple other women too. People that are more serious about their business have been in the business a long time. And then I also realize people that have never spent money on their business are not going to spend in their business. So that was another qualifiers, like you at least spent 2500 to $5,000 in business. And most of my clients that are with me, they’re like, they see the value in it. When I meet someone now, and they’ve been in business for like two years and haven’t spent any money, even though my heart is always like, “Oh, I want to help all small business owners,” and it’s like, you’re not our target market. And you have to get to that point. Yeah. You know, from this to that, so you can speak specifically to, you know, be like, “Are you a woman in your mid 40s struggling in your business?” You know what I mean? It’s like, I’m talking right to you. But no, it’s a lot of fun. I love… I just wish there was more time and I wish there were more people that knew it on my level…apprentices. I really can’t do it all. But I’m like, yeah, I’m going to do this video sales letter thing for…So this is bringing out the big guns.

Valerie: Yes. I’m excited.

Nakimbe: The big guns, the big guys. And I’ll text you, Todd Brown’s information. I hope he doesn’t say…Because he might not be building funnels. That’s what they’re called. They’re called funnels, because we bring them in, and then I sort of funnel them through this process and we have upsells. This is what I’m talking about, with what small businesses don’t know, we have up upsells and downsells. And so once they go to the sales page, if they say they don’t want anything, it’s kind of like we send them to another page, “Oh, well, we know is that you didn’t want this, but maybe you’ll try this.” Most small business don’t think that way.

Valerie: So I’m really excited to learn all the different strategies.

Nakimbe: And yeah, campaign for you. And I think lastly, I wanted to know, if you were to do a subscription, or even sell that box that we had, I think you were saying the lowest you’d go and 69. How much do you make, 50 bucks? Like, I can’t remember? What are the numbers on that one?

Valerie: You mean the…?

Nakimbe: The package because I think we were saying it was like 97 bucks but for the Father’s Day Special, we took it down to 79. The lowest you were willing to go with 69 if somebody had one of those…

Valerie: But that’s for the two-ounce bottle. So then I also have a one-ounce bottle, and I have a half an ounce bottle. So I was also doing the math with doing like three half-ounce bottles, so it be a smaller size for like 34. I think it was 34.

Nakimbe: Okay, I can those details.

Valerie: So they have like a large and a small kind of option. But it kind of worked out to the same because if they were to buy the half ounce would be for half ounces would make one two ounce. It would kind of you know, so I try to make them at the same just that they would just get a smaller, smaller portion. So I don’t know if that would be better, they use it faster and buy more. Or they have the bigger bottles and spend more then they have it for a longer period of time.

Nakimbe: Spend more and have for a longer period of time. Well, if it’s a subscription model, we want it coming frequently. Otherwise, it will just sit there and it just fades into the background after a while?

Valerie: Yeah. So that’s why I was thinking the smaller bottles, doing it on a smaller. And I think people are more likely to drop 30 bucks then 70.

Nakimbe: Well, depends on the target market.

Valerie: That’s true, too.  When they’re first trying it out, they might buy this one. And then after that, they’re like, okay, I like this scent or whatever it is so I’ll buy the bigger bottles, so I guess that would just have to be in research and seeing patterns of how people buy.

Nakimbe:  Yeah, and I think after this one, definitely do a… I don’t know how the woman’s campaign is going to work. Like I know you told me that there are some Instagram groups with women that like beards, but I’m talking about just like someone like me, like Sam has a beard, you know, someone in the airport..The guy was talking to the airport was asking him about it. He was telling me you know, he has used it before but always on his woman encouragement. You know, he’s like, “yeah, I’m too lazy.” So I’ve got to figure out where women like me and her are so that I could target them but I have no idea.

Valerie: When I was in Grenada, I think one out of every two guys has a beard. I was like, “Oh my god.”

Nakimbe:  Oh my God, you suppose to be dying.

Valerie: Lushciousness down here.

Nakimbe: That’s nice. Every guy that has a beard, I want to talk to you.

Valerie: I took a Uber here from down the street, and he had this full beard thing going on here like not even say anything because I don’t have a sample on me, it’s like why am I even talking?

Nakimbe: How often do you have…? Do you normally have samples on you?

Valerie: I usually do carry in my bag? But it’s a cost, right? The bottles and the product and all that kind of stuff.

Nakimbe: So Okey dokey.

Valerie: We shall see. I’ll do my homework and send it off to you.

Nakimbe: And yes, I’m going to put this away, let it marinate in my brain. Well that’s what I’m saying. And then they’ll be funny I’ll just be in the elevator I’ll just be somewhere where it will all come Yeah, because sometimes I’m like, how come an idea is not coming to me and then I’ve learned to just trust the process now because it will just come…

Valerie: For me it’s the shower. Don’t know if it’s the water or in the shower.

Nakimbe: I have a friend who said the same thing.

Valerie: Like almost every day I’m like oh yeah, I should do that. I don’t know if it’s a water, the calming or what it is. I always come up with ideas in the shower. And sometimes…and I’m like that too. I don’t force it. I don’t try and say, okay, I have come up with it now.

Nakimbe: Because when you just let it come, it’s like, “Wow!”

Valerie: Yeah, definitely.

 Nakimbe:Yay. Good. I really do appreciate.

Valerie:  I’m actually playing mass this year at Carabana me and my girlfriend. Every year we’re like, “Oh. next year.”

Nakimbe: What band are you playing with?

Valerie: Carnival Nations. So we’re all bunch of us, we’re all playing. So then I was like, I saw these little bottles like this, like you know the perfume samples like when you go into the perfume they have those little vials the samples in with a little small ones like that with the same dripper thing. So like I should order those and then just carry a backpack with me and then when I’m on the road I could hand them out and stuff but then the pricing, because they were from China and then by the time you pay the fees and the thing and their whatever .

 [Inaudible 1:09:15]