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Dear Entrepreneur,

Remember the fast profits of 1999 –  when people cashed in on web trends, and became millionaires almost overnight?

Well, get ready… because the same exact thing is happening RIGHT NOW, just under your nose (or thumbs to be exact). And  you’re about to position yourself for a financial future that’s rock solid and secure.

“We’re In A Profit Boom Unlike Anything Entrepreneurs Have Experienced In Two Full Decades!”

You see, in case you didn’t know it – we are in the biggest profit boom in 20 years! And those who get in on the action now will see financial gains not witnessed since the boom in the late 1990’s.

That’s no exaggeration.  We’re in the beginning stages of a major profit boom. All of the signs are there, and major news outlets are talking about it everyday.

These “things” are so common, most of us use at least one everyday, however, they are so unintrusive and unassuming –  up until now, you’ve most likely overlooked the HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL that exists right under your very finger tips.

I’m talking something that is with most of us everyday, checked several times a day, and some people swear they can’t live without…

It’s something that’s on almost everyone’s phones….

I’m talking about Mobile Apps.

Now, since neither of us has a crystal ball,  I want you to know this could be your last chance to get in on a booming industry like this one –  where we do all of the heavy lifting for you, yet you cash in on all of the major benefits.

Best of all, you can take advantage of this booming trend (at a bargain rate) even if you have very little time or money and don’t understand mobile apps very well.

If you want to pay down your debt,  save more money, do really cool stuff and buy really cool things, the Mappdom Business Opportunity just might be your ticket to a multiple six figure income in 2016!


Right now only, we are offering a small group of ambitious entrepreneurs the opportunity to join company and secure top spots in our organization before we launch and bring more reps. We’re looking for First Generation Leaders to help us support and train reps. Full training provided, and you benefit for team and company bonuses. You’ll be one of the first in the organization, and incoming reps will be placed under you.

And we’re doing this to develop our next wave of successful, automatic, high-income achievers and wealth building profiteers – And we’re doing it all through Mobile Apps – with entrepreneurs even if they have no design or technical experience what-so-ever.

By using a tried and tested Mobile Application Development Profits & Wealth Building System – (like the one you’re about to discover below), you too can cash in on  this “MAD Boom” (the M.obile A.pplication D.evelopment Boom) – and make more money, more quickly and with less effort than you ever imagined possible.


You can experience true freedom, and live life on your terms – the way it was meant to be lived.  And if you take action now, by the end of the day – you’ll have all of the tools to make a five figure income every 30 days!

But first, let’s see how real this Mobile Application Boom  is, and how it’s possible for you to cash in on it.

Let’s start with some stats.

According to a study conducted the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C., – nearly 2/3 of American adults owns a smart phone. That’s 64% of the adult population!

And with more than 3 million apps available for download between Google Play and The Apple App Store (1.3 million and 1.5 million apps respectively) – it’s no wonder the global mobile applications market is already at $25 Billion.

But even more impressive is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU COULD MAKE as the mobile app industry takes off – if you get in now – during the early adoption phase.

By getting in on the Mobile Application Development industry NOW,  you firmly position yourself  to ride the tidal wave of wealth the mobile app industry will bring you as it moves into the early majority stage.


I’m talking about an industry that experts predict will have the most explosive growth you’ve witnessed in your lifetime. In fact, both VentrueBeat and Entrepreneur Magazine forecast revenues for the industry to swell to a bulging $77 Billion In The Next Two Years – by 2017!!  Not to mention what the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine are predicting.

giselle Nakimbe Baobab, CEO & Founder of Mappdom

And please.. don’t just take my word for it.  Continue to read below, and see for yourself just how lucrative the mobile space can be, then imagine how much money you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

Join Me For A Few Minutes, As You Read Below. And Get Excited As You Discover:


  • What News Outlets Like CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Forbes,, Entrepreneur Magazine and even the Wall Street Journal Have To Say About The “Mobile Boom” – And Why You Should Get Into The MAD Industry Now – While You Can
  • You’ll Also Be Let In On Google’s Terrifying Algorithm Change (that only a small percentage of people in the world know about) That Practically WIPES OUT Unsuspecting Businesses, Burying Their Sites Deep, Deep In The Back Pages Of Google’s Search Engine Results Where No One Can Ever Find Them
  • Lastly, You’ll See For Yourself How This Algorithm Change Is KILLING Some Businesses, What This Has To Do With Mobile Apps And How You Can Profit By Saving Hundreds and Thousands of Businesses From Google’s Horrific, Demolishing Wrath)

Essentially, Throughout This Presentation, You’re Going To Go Behind The Scenes To Find Out What’s Been Brewing, What All The Buzz Is About, And What It Means For You, Your Family and Your Bank Account!

It’s No Secret – Except To Those Living Under Rocks – That The BEST Way To Make Money Is To Offer Timely Products That Are In High Demand And Cater To The Emerging Needs Of Business Professionals.

To Do That… Let’s Delve In A Little Bit Further Into EXACTLY What’s Been Going On In The Media Lately, How It Relates To Mobile, And How You Can Capitalize On This New Industry Trend, And Use It To Make At Least A Six Figure Income By This Time Next Year, If Not Sooner. 

As Soon As Those MAD Profits Start Coming In, You Start To Experience The Ultimate In Joy, Happiness And Freedom

Sooooo… Let’s Talk About What’s Going On In The Industry, The Media And The Google Corporation For A Little Bit,  Shall We?

A Few Months Back, On April 21st Of 2015, Google WARNED Small Business Owners – And Announced – In No Uncertain Terms – That If Their Website Was Not Mobile Friendly By April 21 Of This Year (Meaning Their Websites Are NOT Responsive Or Hard To Read On Mobile Devices) – Google Promised It Would BURY Them And Their Websites Deep, Deep In The Pages Of Search Results, Making It Almost IMPOSSIBLE For Anyone To Find Them.

Because Google Wants To Be The Search Engine Of Choice – (So They Can Get Charge More For Ads Because More Traffic, Equals More Eyes, Equals More Money).

And, If People Are Having Poor Experiences Not Being Able To View Sites They Find Through Google Searches- It Makes Google Look Bad – Even Though It’s The Individual Website’s Fault.

However, Because Google Wants EVERYONE To Have The Best Experience With Their Searches On Mobile Devices, They’ve Said – Anyone Who Doesn’t Have A Mobile Optimized Site Can Prepare To Not Show Up In Google Searches!

Essentially, Countless Number Of Businesses Have Lost Their Rankings In Google Search Results. They Just Don’t Show Up Anymore. They Are Not Seen, Essentially KILLING The Livelihood Of MILLIONS Of Small Business Owners Who Can’t Generate Traffic To Acquire Customers And Make Sales, Because They Are No Longer Seen And Found.


For All Intents And Purposes – THEY NO LONGER EXSIST.

And The Whole Online World Is BLIND To Them.

Can You Imagine How DEVASTATING That Might Be?

To Lose ALL Of Your Traffic JUST LIKE THAT – Overnight!

home alone face

Now Do You See HOW And WHY Small Business Owners And Professionals Might Be Willing To Run Over Their Own Mother To Just To Do Business With You, If You Are In A Position To Help Them And Can Save Their Listings Online?

Get It?

When You Offer TIMELY PRODUCTS That Are In HIGH DEMAND To Professional People, You Can Make A Six-Figure Income With Unbelievable Ease.

THAT Is Why Demand Right Now Is At An All Time High. And THAT Is WHY Business Owners And Professionals So Willingly THROW Their Money At You.

The Industry Is Calling Google’s Algorithm Devastation..


And It’s SHAKING UP The Business World Like You Wouldn’t Believe!

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All Of The Major News Outlets Like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN And Fox News Are All Reporting On It

Computerworld Said – Today’s The Day: Be Mobile Friendly Or Get Lost In Search

The Verge Writes – Google Starts Boosting ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites In Smart Phone Search …

Techcrunch – Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Update Could Impact Over 40% Of Fortune 500 Websites

CNET Reports – Google Search Has A New Found Love For Mobile-Friendly Sites – 1 Hour Ago

And The Christian Science Monitor Wrote: Companies Scramble As Google Prioritizes ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Websites – 2 Hours Ago.

The List Goes On And On And On.

And For Those Businesses Who Were Skeptical And Didn’t Take Google’s Warning Seriously…


“Looks Like Google’s Mobilegeddon Was A Big Deal, After All!”

Mobile usage down

Do you get that? The BIGGEST NAMES In Media Are Telling Businesses To Take Heed, Saying Mobilegeddon Really IS A Big Deal

But Guess What…??!?  There’s More!

Not Only Are Reputable News Sources Talking About MOBILEGEDDON, They Are Shouting From Their Business Roof Tops That There Is Yet ANOTHER Impact Coming That Businesses Need To Get On Board With If They Are Going To Survive In Today’s Mobile World.

And If Business Don’t Have One Of These Recommended Items, They’ll Soon Wish They Did.

And Guess What??

When They Start Wishing And Hoping They’d Kept Up With The Consumer Demands To Be Up To Date With Today’s Technology – YOU’LL Be RIGHT THERE To Help Deliver It To Them.

What Is It You Ask?

What Is This “Thing”  All The Leading Business Think Tanks Say Is An ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL For Small Businesses Today??


Ever Heard Of Those? Do You Use Any By Any Chance? Of Course You Do

If You Understand The Magnitude of What’s Happening And Want To Cash In Right Away…

Get Started Now

According To A Study Conducted By The Pew Research Center – A Respected, Nonpartisan American Think Tank Based In Washington, D.C., Nearly 2/3 Of American Adults Now Own A Smart Phone. That’s 64% Of All American Adults Or 156,928,000 People!!

So, While Having A Mobile Website Is Important – Have A Mobile App Is Even MORE IMPORTANT. Even Data From Nielsen On Mobile Media Time Indicates There Is An OVERWHEMLING Consumer Preference For Using Mobile Apps Compared To Mobile Web.

Mobile App Usage Stats

This is Why Entrepreneur Magazine Says That MOBILE APPS And The Mobile App Industry Are Poised To Be A $77 Billion Dollar Industry In Just The Next TWO Years.

So Momentum Is Growing. And Business Owners And Professionals Are Starting To Take Heed.

They Get The Message.

Mobile Is HUGELY IMPORTANT And Will Be Unquestionably Essential To Every Small Business By 2017!

So What Does That Mean For YOU?

What It Means Is That Is YOUR SHOT.

This Your BIG SHOT To Get It Into The BIG LEAGUES!


Here Is One Of The Articles About The Potential Of The Mobile App Industry, If You’d Like To Read More About It Yourself


Essentially, What Entrepreneur Magazine Is Saying To All Of Those Small Business Owners Is – “Hey Look… If Your Business Doesn’t Already Have A Mobile App, It’s Time To Start Thinking About Developing One.”

Even Forbes Magazine – Hailed As THE Leading Source For Reliable Business News Says:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.23.28 AM

Every Business Should Be Thinking About Building Mobile Applications Today. It’s Not A Fad Or A Passing Trend. It’s Customer Service!

What Do You Think Small Businesses Are Going To Say, When You Present This Kind Of Information To Them, And Pass Along These Stats??

Now Do You See Why They’ll Want To Do Business With YOU?? (Because You Can Offer A Timely Product That Is In High Demand By Professional People –

So, Even If All Of That Is True, You’re probably wondering – “Well, that all sounds great, but How Does That Mean You Can You Earn A Six-Figure Income With Ease?

Well –

It’s Because There Are HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS, And MILLIONS Of Businesses (Both Online And Offline) That Need Help Becoming More Mobile Friendly 

And That’s Not All… There’s More…

It Goes On And On.

And Trust Me – Businesses Are Taking Heed.

As A Matter Of Fact, Why Don’t You Take A Guess At How Many Business Owners Are Actually Performing Google Searches – EVERYDAY Trying To Find What To Do Or How To Get A Mobile Solution For Their Business?

How Many Did You Guess?

A Few Dozen? A Couple Hundred Maybe? How About A Thousand?

Well, I’m Not Sure What Your Guess Was, But Google Reports That There Is An Average Of 4,193 Business Owners Searching For These Types Of Services – Services YOU Could Potentially Offer Them – Each And Every Single Day.

4,139 Business Owners A Day

That’s 130,840 Searches MONTH!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.27.19 AM

That’s HUGE! – And Very, VERY Good News For YOU!

Reserve My Spot Now


Because A Huge Part Of Your Success Comes From Offering Timely Products That Are In High Demand – And Mobile Apps And Mobile Web Pages ARE!

And If You’re Thinking, “Well, Heck! Ya – That All Sounds Really Wonderful, But I Don’t Know A Thing About Mobile Apps Or Webpages. Don’t Worry About It. I’ve Developed An Already Done-System-For-You, which you’ll find out more about on the next page, after you’ve reserved you’re spot. For Now, All you need to do is recognize the opportunity – everything else will fall into place. I promise. 


Let’s Talk About The Second Part Of Your Success Strategy- Working With Professional People

As You’ve Already Seen For Yourself, Hundreds Of Thousands, And Even Millions Of Businesses – Both Big And Small, Online And Off – ALL Need To Get On Board The Mobile Train, Or They’ll Get Left Behind – (According To Google, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine And All Of The Major News Outlets, Anyway)

And According To The U.S Small Business Administration.Gov Website, There Are Approximately 27.9 Million Small Businesses In The United States alone!

So, Knowing This, And Knowing What’s Going On In The Industry…

What Do You Think The Likelihood Is Of Small Business Professionals Wanting To Do Business With YOU If You Can Help Them With Their Mobile Needs?

Very Likely Or Hardly Likely?

And What Is The Likelihood Of Business Professionals Wanting To Work With You, When You Show Them Articles From Google, Forbes, Inc.Com And Entrepreneur Magazine All Talking About The Importance Of Mobile Web Pages And Mobile Apps?

Will They Be VERY Likely To Want To Meet With You, Or Hardly Likely?

You See, When You Have Conversations With Professionals And You Get Agreement From Them That People Are Becoming More And More Socially Engaged And Connected Through Mobile, Then You Convey That Businesses Who Can’t Interact With Their Customers In A Way Their Customers Are Used To, Those Businesses Are Essentially Relegating Themselves To The Stone Ages


When You LOGICALLY Explain That In Today’s Mobile World – A Business Without A Mobile App Is Like A Businesses Without A Website, Suddenly, You’re Seen As An Authority, An Expert.. And Professionals WILL Desperately Line Up To Bend Your Ear And Seek Advice From You So You Can Help Them With Their Mobile Needs (AND You Get Paid While You’re At It!)

And Remember – I’ve Already Told You, You DON’T Need To Be An Expert In Mobile Apps, Mobile Pages, User Interface, Design Or ANYTHING. All You Have To Do, Is What I Already Know You’re Already Good At – Be ambitious, have drive, want to do better for yourself and your family, make money, and you’ll willing to put in the work. If you have THOSE ingredients, we take care of the rest for you. 

So, Basically, What I Was Saying Before Is –

When You Equip Yourself With Knowledge About The Mobile Industry And Present It To Small Business Owners, You Can Make A Lot Of Money.

Imagine – Now You’re Working With Business Owners And Professionals Who Make Decisions Quickly And Finally… You’re Banking Some Real Cash.

In Fact, cheques come In At Such A Rapid Rate, You Can’t BELIEVE How Much Your Bank Account Is Growing, and it swells Until It Explodes and Bursts At The Seam. But you don’t care

Besides The Money –  I’ll let you in on another secret why it’s so Great working With Small Business Owners And Professional People.


– Why?


Because Business Owners Are Business Minded, And They Are All About WINNING And Doing Well. That’s All They Think About All Of The Time. It’s A Matter Of Life And Death For Them. It’s A Matter Of Their Livelihood.

So Once A Product Or Service Makes SENSE For Their Business – There Is Not Much Convincing To Be Done On Your Part … To Get Them Involved.

Professionals And Small Business Owners Make Decisions QUICKLY.

They Have To When You Think About It.

To Keep Up In Their Fast Paced Business, Fight Or Die World, They Constantly Have To Make Decisions. They Are Used To It And They Do So Quickly. They Won’t Waste Your Time Or Theirs. This Is Why They Don’t String You Along, And How You Get Paid Quickly.

Speaking Of Money

Let’s Talk About What REALLY Matters Here.


The Green.

The MONEY. That’s The Reason You’re REALLY Here, Isn’t It?

So, At This Point, It Only Makes Sense That You’re Probably Wondering…

“Can YOU REALLY Make Money Offering Mobile Apps And Webpages To Small Business Owners And Professionals?”

The Answer Is… HECK YA!

And here’s why….

According To “How Much To Make An App” .Com An App Can Run Anywhere From $19,800 To $87,000 To Develop. More Robust Apps, Can Cost Upwards Of A $250,000.

But, Even On The Low End, Savvyapps Says Development Costs For An App Are About $10,000

While An Article In Techcrunch Received Direct Input From 96 Mobile App Developers And Together, Their Average Cost To Develop An App Was Somewhere In The Range Of $6,453

Either Way, One Thing Is Clear – There’s Big Money To Be Made In Mobile Apps, And If You’re Getting 50% Commissions, You’re Laughing All The To The Bank Each Sale.

That Means, At 50% Commissions, You Make At Least $500 Per App

And That’s On ONE SINGLE SALE – On The LOW End Of App Development Costs.

So, As We Wrap Things Up Here…You Understand The Importance of Implementing A Winning Profit & Wealth Building Formula That Includes:

Timely Products That Are In High Demand  – Mobile Apps And Mobile Friendly Webpages. 

Professional People  – Small, Medium And Large Businesses Owners Both Online And Off) Who Desperately Need And Want Mobile Help In Order To Survive, Thrive And Remain Competitive In Today’s Marketplace.

Big Commissions – At 50% Commissions – You Put Yourself On The Fast Tack To Your Six Figure Income, And Can See Money Deposited Into Your Account As Little As the Next 30+ Days!

And All Because You Offer A Service Small Business Owners Need, And You Have These Professionals Dashing Towards Like Olympic Sprinters In A Dead Heat, Just To Be The First To Reach Your Front Door.

And That Means You Make MORE Money, MORE Quickly (Because You Make MORE Transactions MORE Often)

And That’s Why Joining This Opportunity At This Time Is  Critical To You, If You Want Experience Real Financial Success in 2016. 

So, What’s Next?

Well  – Now That You Know and Understand What’s Going On In The Mobile App Space, And You Know You Want To Take Advantage Of This Profit Boom – It’s Time To Get Started..

But How?

Money back

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To Your Success!!!!