HOW-TO Create A Powerful and Effective Lead Capture Form 

 May 11, 2022

By  n6tnh

For every business, capturing high-quality leads and converting them to potential customers is one of the important marketing strategies that you need to accomplish. So, if your goal here is to capture a lot of leads for your business, then you should be planning every single detail of your lead generation campaign.

Remember, from our Lead Generation article we’ve discussed the lead gen basics and the effective types of strategies you can use for your business and if you have read that article, you pretty much know how important it is for your business to generate a lot of good quality leads. To start generating leads, you need to know how to create a powerful and effective lead capture for your campaign.

Building a powerful and effective lead capture form can make or break your lead generation marketing campaign and many marketers tend to lose converting their potential leads into sales because of not taking the time to customize their lead capture form and serving its main goal – to build a relationship with a potential customer.

What is a Lead Capture Form?

It’s a lead generation marketing tool in a web contact form that serves one important purpose- to gain and collect contact information from your target site visitors, with the hope of converting them into potential customers.

A typical lead capture form will offer and provide some sort of promotion, these are lead magnets in exchange for the contact and personal information your visitor will give willingly to your form. Contact forms come in many shapes, sizes, and styles which are most commonly found on a capture page(these are landing pages) but lead capture forms can also be popups, floating bars, and sidebars.

So, one of the things that most people ask about is.

What is a Lead Capture Page and what is it used for?

Don’t underestimate this simple idea that leads generation is all about – which is building a long-lasting relationship with your potential leads to convert them into sales. Having a good lead capture page will ensure a good relationship with your potential leads, as this is where you can set the tone of how you will start to build a relationship with your target leads.

When someone visits your landing page, you have to make sure to create a good first impression, this will be the first-hand experience your target leads will have on your brand or business. It is either you have captured their attention well or it will be your visitor’s last visit to your site. That is why it is very crucial to have a powerful landing page and create an effective lead capture form with it.

7 Steps in creating a powerful and effective lead capture form

STEP 1: Define what your goal is and keep track of your results

The first thing you should plan out is deciding on the goal you want to achieve in creating your lead capture form. If you have no idea what you want to achieve how will you know you are actually succeeding with your campaign?

You should consider these two points

  • Keep your goal realistic and reasonable.
  • Set a timeline or due date for your goal.

Opting to set 100 contact details for 10 days is not as reasonable as it looks, especially if you are just starting from zero. Start small, like setting your goal to achieve 50 email addresses or contacts for 30 days, now that sounds a lot more realistic to achieve. Setting a definite due date goal can help and motivate you to reach your set goal.

Keep track of the data that you’re starting to collect, your database will show you the progress you have been making and how much you still need to go before you reach your goal.

Tracking your data will enable you to inform you of your next plan and goal for your lead capture. For example, you might be able to collect 100 contacts details by 30 days which is more than you 50 details goal you have set, so you can actually raise your set goal for the next months ahead. This will give you the information to plan and set your goals.

STEP 2: Create an awesome lead magnet

Let’s be honest, what is the one thing that would most likely attract a potential lead or target viewer to your page or site?

The answer is simple- when your viewers see that you are offering something with value and perks they’re interested enough in it to give their contact details to you.

These are called LEAD MAGNETS.

They can come in any form or size that is something of great value that you offer to your target leads in exchange for their email address. You can offer any lead magnet that is connected with your brand or business, it can be a free ebook, audio or video file, and even free tools.

Here are 10 awesome lead magnet examples

  1. Free trial
  2. Sending out a free sample
  3. Content upgrade
  4. Mini video training or tutorial series
  5. Template
  6. Use surveys or quizzes
  7. Coupons or discount code
  8. Provide free use of Software or tools
  9. Giving out a guide or checklist
  10. Offering a Webinar

You can actually create as many lead magnets as you need and see fit, but it is important to remember to create one that best suits your brand or business. Make sure to give your target leads an idea of what you can offer and provide them with in the long run.

STEP 3: Define your lead capture form length

A lead capture form can contain one or more fields, but only three fields are the most important and required information that should always be present in your lead capture.

The three fields are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

Basically, these are the top and most important details that you actually really need from your lead capture form.

Remember, keep your lead capture form as short as possible if you can, it is enough to include the three important fields given above to collect information from your target lead and build a relationship with them.
Keep in mind, that some viewers might abandon your form when they see a long-form length with lots of fields to fill up with your lead capture form.

STEP 4: Lead capture form position

Lead capture forms can be in any form, it can be an entire landing page :

Fullscreen welcome mat :

Or as a sidebar form :

Remember, no matter the type of capture page your lead capture form is on, it is important that your form is:

  • Highly visible
  • Labelled clearly
  • Placed with a headline and description of your lead magnet

As a general rule, lead magnets that require more details or payment requests should first show an explanation of its offer’s value- then ask for your visitor’s contact information. If the lead magnet value is simple to understand and doesn’t require a lot of information, then the lead capture form can be placed above the fold.


One of the important steps in creating your lead capture form is planning and creating your content. You have to make sure your content is attention-grabbing and interesting enough to catch your target viewer’s interest.

TIPS to consider when planning your content:

  • Create an eye-catching headline
    I can’t stress enough how important it is to create the perfect headline for your capture form, especially when you are offering a lead magnet. Your headline should be catchy and appealing to attract your visitors to it.
  • Include feedback from your past customers
    What’s the best way to gain the trust of your viewers? By showcasing good reviews and feedback from your customers that have tried and tested your product or service.
  • Get creative with your copy
    Your form copy should also be perfect as your headline, not only that it supports your lead magnet, form, and your headline. It is also that body copy of your form that can create a lasting impression when your viewers read it.
  • Make use of bullet points to emphasize your benefits
    It can make a huge difference when using bullet points when you want to list the benefits and value of your lead capture form. It creates importance and emphasis on what you can offer to your target viewers.
  • Add powerful images or videos
    As always visual imagery has proven to be more persuasive and interesting than just a simple text form. Including an image or video near or within your lead capture form can attract and entice your target viewers to click and sign-up. You can use a brand image photo, a product image, or even your customer’s photo to back up their feedback or reviews.

STEP 6: Create an amazing submission or CTA button

Your submission or CTA button seals the deal for your target leads to click that button and sign-up and believe it or not, but the appearance of your button specifically with its colour and the type of text you’ll be using can make a ton of difference.

If it’s not catchy or appealing enough, well your viewers can just click it away without even giving a chance to sign-up for your form.

Don’t just use words like “ submit “ or “sign-up”, get creative and always think of your target customer’s point of view. Instead of using simple words like “sign-up”, level it up by using “ YES! Sign me up! “. Big difference, correct?

Colours and types of fonts are also crucial but don’t overthink it too much. Just remember that the colours and text you use should be easy on the eyes and enticing enough.

Here are some tips to consider when creating your CTA or submission button :

  • Get creative with your copy text
  • Use positive statements
  • Always think like your target customer
  • Use colours and font that would attract and stand out from the rest.
  • Incorporate your brand colour in your button
  • Be consistent across all your CTA/submission buttons.

STEP 7: Include a privacy policy link in your lead capture

It’s actually not that crucial but it is nice for your viewers to include a link to your privacy policy on or near your lead capture page. People like their privacy, so it creates a nice touch and shows that you care for your target visitor’s privacy.

Just a small message that tells your viewers that you will not be selling or showing their private information to anybody outside of your business, they would surely appreciate the transparency.

Make it visible by simply using a different colour from the rest on your capture page, you can also make it a point by asking for confirmation that your visitors have read and understood the privacy policy before they continue to subscribe or sign-up to your form.


These additional points are also great to include and add in creating your lead capture form.

  • Add Social Share Icons
  • Add Captcha to block spam submissions
  • Add Security badges to make your visitors feel secure


Every marketer and business takes email lists very seriously, as it starts and builds the foundation and relationship you can create with your target leads. That is why creating just any lead capture form is clearly not enough.

By following our 7-Steps and tips given in this article you will surely be able to start and create a powerful and effective lead capture form for your business.

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