A few times a year, Mappdom offers small businesses on a budget the opportunity to own a mobile app for their business at a significantly reduced cost (up to a 91% discount)  when they donate to a Mappdom approved charity.  This allows us to we help even more people, and in an even bigger way. It’s exciting!

Oct 17 – Dec 16, 2016 –  Restaurants get a FREE mobile app when they donate to local Food Banks. Terms and conditions apply. Read here for more details.

June 01 – Aug 31, 2016 –  Mappdom will donate portion of all sports related app proceeds to the Paralympics, Rio 2016
mobile apps for sports teams

Are you a charitable organization? Would you like to be a benefactor  of this program? Are you a business on a budget, and would like to apply to the Mappdom Mobile Apps With a Mission Program to receive a discounted app for YOUR business in exchange for donating to a local cause in your area? If so, please click here to apply.

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