Top-Rated ‘A New Daie’ Dance School First in Brampton to Introduce Mobile App with Triple Security Live Stream for Parents

TORONTO, September 7 2017. ‘A New Daie’ Dance School in Brampton announces the release of their mobile app with triple security live-stream allowing parents to look in on their children’s dance class from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet and not even have to be in the studio.

With some very reputable dance schools in Brampton closing, Tré Armstrong, former Dancing with the Stars judge and studio owner, was looking for a way to be more competitive in the market place. Tré wanted to offer parents something beyond excellent dance instruction. The goal of the dance school mobile app, Tré says is to centralize everything related to the studio and make access more convenient.

While live-stream is the most exciting feature of the mobile app, the dance school’s mobile app also allows parents to access updated holiday schedules, and pay for classes. They can purchase costumes, event tickets and merchandise, as well as collect loyalty rewards that can be used to subsidize fees or redeem for free classes. Parents can also access the school’s main webpage, YouTube channel and other social media all through one mobile app rather than opening multiple apps or webpages to get the same information.

As wonderful as those benefits are, what parents really love about these types of mobile apps is the live-stream. Parents can now look in on their children’s dance class without being in the studio simply by accessing the school’s secure mobile app live stream. Live stream gives parents the freedom to leave the studio, and still see their child dance. That way there is no guilt and the errands still get done.

“Imagine quickly running to the grocery store and still looking in on your little one dance while waiting in line at the check out. Live stream give parents the freedom to do this,” says award winning app developer and mother of two, Nakimbe Baoabab. “With live stream you can step out, take a break, catch a breath of fresh air or just relax in the car with the windows rolled down. Just take your smart phone or table with you and stream away.”

“Because the school offers a mobile app with live stream,” says Lizanne, mother of three-year-old, rambunctious Vincent Gregory, “you never miss a beat. You see every step. It’s the best idea ever, and a deciding factor when I’m choosing a studio or school.”

Parents will also appreciate the triple security feature built into the app. Unlike other unregulated steaming services, ‘A New Daie’ dance school’s mobile app uses a private channel provided by the mobile app developer to host their live stream, rather than use social media like YouTube live or Facebook live.

“Some parents aren’t on social media,” says Tré Armstrong. “Others don’t feel comfortable with their children showing up on social media despite the reasonable security measures most social media platforms offer (ex. private Facebook groups, invite-only YouTube live stream or Periscope).

The school’s triple security privacy and protection live stream feature of their mobile app is what makes A New Daie dance school stand out from the rest. The are introducing technology to dance, with a value added feature that makes parents comfortable and secure.

As a first layer of security, A New Daie’s app offers “member-only login” so only certain people can access certain sections of the app i.e. – no access to the live stream without login information. Secondly, the live stream is hosted on a secure site and only authorized parents are given the url, that way the url itself is impossible to locate much less stream. Thirdly, even when parents get access the weblink for live stream, they must enter a password to actually view the class. Passwords can be changed weekly and sent to parents via push message just minutes before class begins.

This triple layer of protection gives parents piece of mind. Despite the intense level of privacy, guest viewers are welcome with special login credentials upon request from an authorized parent. That way aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends who aren’t close by can join in the viewing fun, too!

In addition to all the parent benefits, there are plenty of advantages for the school, too. The app provides an easy way for dance instructors to engage with parents, keeping them loyal and coming back year after year – which is good for business. Dance schools can offer advertising space on the front of the app to raise additional money for the school, or subsidize event and costume costs. Dance studios with mobile apps are seen as more modern, tech savvy, high class and prestigious, and can often command higher class fees.

One of the things Tré is most excited about is the final dance salute each child will do at the end of each class. Once class is over, before everyone departs, Tré will have each child come right in front of the webcam and do a little dance for mobile app live streaming parents to showcase what they learned that class. The children show up dancing center stage for a close up view right on your mobile smart phone or tablet.

A New Daie Dance School mobile app is scheduled for release on September 18th. Parents interested in attending ‘A New Daie’ Dance School should call (647) 274-6194

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