Get Ready For A Revolution!


You’re Going To Look Back At This Moment and Remember How It Changed Your Life Completely and Forever In THE Best of Ways

A Revolution Is Taking Place  – and if you’re the right kind of person with the right kind of mindset,  you’re in luck. You just might have taken the first step on a journey towards FINALLY living the life of your dreams. And it all starts with two Revolutions.

Mobile RevolutionREVOLUTION #1

The mobile industry is booming. Currently, 162,445,449 adults in the United States own a smart phone and that number is expanding every day.  Not to mention, a surprising 89% of the time they spend on their phone is spent using mobile apps!

Small business owners tied up in running their own establishments are not aware of how important mobile apps are to their consumers.  Many of them are missing the opportunity to connect with their customers on their mobile device by not having an app of their own. We can help. And that’s where you come in. This is your opportunity to help yourself financially, by helping small businesses get hip to the times.  No more chasing friends and family to join your business opportunity. Work with small business owners only.

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While many “business opportunities” focus heavily on recruiting and building a team, Mappdom helps you become a professional marketer, instead of a professional recruiter.

That way you can go out and make money, instead of mainly making friends.  With a disheartening 97% failure rate in the MLM industry and the majority of well meaning reps making less than $5,000 a year, Mappdom has started a revolution by tweaking the Network Marketing Model where the commissions are so hight that the need for a building a large team is all but eliminated.

Best of all, we are committed to having you make mo’ money, not spend yo’ money. So, we’ll never ask you to get a monthly autoship, buy a lead generation program or get caught up in other silly distractions. We’re a new kind of company, and we want you to focus on nothing else but winning!


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