1. Mobile-Only Internet Usage Surpasses Desktop-Only Users

Desktops have always been primary venue for internet access, but for the first time ever, the number of users who only access the internet on mobile devices exceeded the number of users who only access internet on desktop devices. Mobile has gone through a huge makeover in the past few years: smaller devices with better processing systems, 4G data speed, and an all-around improved design. These advancements, paired with users’ desire to have all the world’s information conveniently stored in their back pocket, has caused mobile to eclipse desktop in multiple capacities.

2. Mobile Marketing Improves Your Connection with Customers

If mobile is the sweetheart of digital marketing, then customers are the sweetheart of digital marketers. What better time to talk about our love for customers than Valentine’s Day? A company can’t get much closer to a customer than being permanently attached to their right hand. Mobile allows brands to implant themselves in the customer’s daily life. It also allows brands to gather information about each individual that they’ve never had access to before. We can finally give our customers the personalized experience they want and deserve.

3. Mobile Apps Are Replacing Mobile Optimization

Many businesses are beginning to see the light! Mobile apps look awesome, are user-friendly, and have greater functionality than mobile-optimized sites. As businesses realize the value of a mobile app, mobile-optimized sites are becoming irrelevant. Additionally, there have been drastic advancements in app indexing—which is similar to SEO—for apps on Google and in the app store. This evolution of app discoverability will give businesses the kick they need to add an app to their digital marketing strategy.

4. Apps Will Become an Integral Part of Our Lives

I have an app for everything: an app that wakes me up in the morning, an app that sends me live updates about bad routes, an app that stores the podcasts I listen to on my way to work. Without my apps, I would be late every day, and even worse, bored during my 40-minute commute. Apps have become so interwoven into the fabric of our daily lives that many of us wouldn’t know what to do without them.