Facts About Mobile Apps & Your Business

Is mobile part of your overall marketing plan? If not, it probably should be. In case you were unsure about getting a mobile app for your business, here are a few facts that might help you decide….

1. Half of smartphone owners have scanned QR codes and 18 percent of them made a purchase after scanning. Consumer Pulse

2. 33% of US mobile customers prefer offers via text message to those via mobile Web (21%), apps (11%), and voice mail (8%). DMA UK
3. The average amount of time smartphone and tablet users spend with mobile applications reached 94 minutes in December 2011, more than the 72 minutes they spend on the Web. Flurry
4. By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. Gartner
5. 95% of smartphone users looked up local information, and of those, 61% called and 59% visited the business. Google IPSOS
6. Of smartphone users asked why they would scan a QR code, 87% said to get a coupon, discount or deal. MGH
7. 40% of smartphone users and 42% of tablet users report using their device while watching TV on a daily basis. Nielsen
8. The majority of 25-34 and 18-24 year olds now own smartphones (64% and 53% respectively). Nielsen
9. 87% of app downloaders (those who have downloaded an app in the past 30 days) have used deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon or Living Social. Nielsen
10. U.S. adults spend 10.1% of their total media consumption time with mobile. eMarketer
11. 16 % of smartphone users report that they’ve made a purchase as a result of a marketing message they received on their phone.  Exact Target
12. More than half of those who purchased as a result of a marketing message on their smartphone did so on the device itself. Exact Target
13. In Q3 2011, teens increased their mobile data consumption by 256% over the prior year.Nielsen
14. In June 2011, the number of U.S. wireless subscriber connections surpassed the U.S. population. CTIA
15. Mobile Internet use ranks almost equally high for in-home (89%) and out-of-home (93%) access. Yahoo!
16. Mobile user traffic remains constant throughout the week, and holds at a consistently high level from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. Yahoo!
Now that you know all of this great information, you can no longer pretend you don’t know.  You need a mobile app. A mobile is great for you business, and your customers are going to love it. Discover 10 great reasons your business will benefit from having it’s very own mobile app.