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I’d Like You To Know A Little Bit About The Company With Whom You’re About To Do Business.

I could sit here and tell you our Mission Statement, our Vision Statement and how long we’ve been in business. However, that would only give you a surface understanding about Mappdom. I wanted to do something different. So instead of boring you with useless facts about our company, I decided to (for now), put up an audio recording of who/what Mappdom REALLY is.

I Made This Recording For My Friend, Justin. 

Justin and Friends

Photo Above – Justin Burns with Tom Beals, Todd Brown and Kyle Graham

So, I met Justin at a Marketing Convention we were both attending few weeks back in Newport Beach, Florida.  Justin and I got to chatting, and he wanted to know a little bit about Mappdom, and what I did, but we ran out of time,  so, I made this little recording for him. You’re probably wondering why I would make a recording for him, instead of just telling him, right?  But he was away at Cancun when I was trying to get a hold of him, and since we kept playing facebook message tag, I just decided to record this for him. Now, somewhere along the lines, I must have thought I was on “Ellen” because I got very “talk show host interviewy” – like I was being interviewed by Darren Hardy for Success Magazine or something 🙂

Yeah.. I can be passionate, and I didn’t have to be all formal and fancy in my response to Justin. And he and I were cool, so I was pretty raw about the company. I even go off on tangents every once in a while, so if it doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense, of you get lost don’t worry about it. You’ll get the gist.

And trust me – it’s far more interesting than my Mission Statement or Vision Statement would be. So, I figured, since I already prepped it for Jason – and it is essentially who we are.  – why don’t I just post this so people understand.

I thought “What the heck. This is who we are.

I’m proud of what we stand for and I’m proud of what we do. Not to mention we’re  very, VERY good at it.

I hope after listening to this, you’ll have a better sense of who and what Mappdom is, what we stand for, and how we want to help YOU!

So… come join our team, either as a client or as a Mappdom Agent. We’d love to have you. Just click on the little headphones to listen up.


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