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Tell Us About Your Background
I received my Hon.B.A from the University of Toronto in 1998, married and had two small kids.  I hated with work force, and though to myself, “I can’t do this for another 40 years of my life!”  Everyday was a rush trying to get the kids up and off to school on time. Then rushing home from work to make it to the daycare on time.  I really just wanted to stay home with them. So,  I went on to a few entrepreneurial endeavours including a few MLM opportunities.

However, after not having been taught  the essential skills I really needed to succeed in those companies,  I sought to teach myself how to master sales and marketing.  I was on 100% commission, so in order to feed my family, I HAD to dominate the skill.  I ended up doing quite well in one of my companies. In fact, I became so good at marketing, people hired me to do their marketing  for them (small businesses in particular).

Marketing and consulting led me to mobile marketing, and from Mobile Marketing I decided to start creating mobile apps to host ads on, then got into  Mobile Application Development. Now I do that full time, developing mobile apps and marketing plans for small business. As an entrepreneur myself, I am very familiar with the struggles of small business owners, and I want to give them whatever edge they can use to succeed. Mobile apps can help. That is the direction of the market, and we want to help.

I formalized my marketing education, business and leadership education by completing my MBA from  Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2013.

Describe Mappdom International
Mappdom International is a Mobile Application Development company that provides Mobile Apps and Marketing Plans for Small Businesses. We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed. We bring together:

1) Small business owners who need mobile and marketing services

2) Independent agents who can offer those services to them and make competitive enough commissions to support a family

3) Independent mobile application developers who also want to work for themselves, from home but didn’t know how to market their services, and for whom there wasn’t enough of a demand to supply them with work.

Mappdom has solved all of these problems, for all of these independent, free thinking, free spirited entrepreneurs who don’t want to work for other people, and brought them together to create a unique collaborative community of entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. 

What Services Do You Offer?
Mappdom offers white glove service to our clients as we go through the process of helping establish the goals and purpose of their apps and what they want them to do. How they’ll fit into their overall business goals, and them develop and publish their mobile apps for them. We take care of everything from initial set up to design and app execution, marketing services, training and support.

Where can people find you?
Find us online at www.Mappdom.com or call to book an app consult at 1-866-826-1126.