Black BroVember, which started out as a marketing campaign to raise money and bring awareness to issues affecting young black boys, through the sale of the Lite It Up Beard Oil, has been scrapped. The campaign was designed by Mappdom International, a leading digital marketing agency in Downtown Toronto, was an attempt to gain international exposure to the brand through social responsibility. Up until this point, Lite It Up had been using Level 1 marketing tactics which had been limiting the company’s growth.

Level 1 marketing activities involve mainly word of mouth advertising, unsophisticated website design and limiting social media posting. There are 5 levels of Marketing Sophistication and Awareness.

Follow the Lite It Up Beard Oil Campaign over TWO YEARS to find out how this campaign unfolded from beginning to end. From friends to enemies, and success to sabotage.

Watch and learn how to TRANSFORM YOUR OWN MARKETING so your brand looks, feels and acts more like a corporation than a mom an pop shop (not that anything’s wrong with that). Remember, every BIG BUSINESS was once a little business that with strategic marketing.. GREW.

Attract more attention, gain more customers and make more money.

Follow along and find out what business owner, Valerie Augustine does right, what she does wrong, and how it all turns out in the end!

Stayed Tuned, and catch all of the episodes on YouTube – M/Slice TV.
Marketing with a Slice of Life (on the Side).

SEASON 2. EPISODE 1. Intro to Valerie and the Importance of Using Video In Your Business. Follow Along With These Tips And Do Better In Your Business