With more entrepreneurs joining the noisy social space, the need for reputable, proven effective digital marketing strategies has never been more crucial. Make great money helping others. Service Detail

Everyone could use a helping hand. Mappdom applauds extra-ordinary effort thought our Apprentice student loan repayment program, STEM scholarships, and charitable donations Learn More  

In this increasingly digital world, it’s important to acquire the skills needed to navigate the future. The Code Mission empowers and uplifts a people. Join the movement  

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  Get to know founder and CEO, Nakimbe Baobab. Her upbringing, challenges mind set, and rise to success. Multinational award winner Nakimbe B’aobab holds an MBA from Northeastern University, and is the CEO and Founder of Mappdom International Digital Marketing and Mobile Apps. Through Mappdom, Nakimbe passionately lends her education, experience and expertise to small…

Mappdom was founded on the premise of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We believe it’s important to make money to deliver for our families and achieve freedom.

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