Mappdom How To Avoid the Google Slap
Mappdom How To Avoid the Google Slap

The following is a post from my friend, John Reese. Truer words were never spoken.


You’re about to read a very *important* FB post from me… I’m dead serious…

This isn’t about the earth being flat, snow in Austin, or some other crazy Reesetradamus prediction…

I’ve been teaching ‘something’ again and again and again for years now and most people don’t pay any attention to it…

So I want to be perfectly clear here and state it again using a real world example of something that just happened to illustrate WHY it’s so important for your business to pay attention to this…


If you build your business with it heavily relying on any ONE platform, service, or market that you DO NOT control, you are at risk for being put OUT OF BUSINESS overnight.

Example… while Amazon is a huge source for ecommerce sales, if you have all your eggs in the Amazon ‘basket’ and they SUSPEND or BAN your account for some reason (it can happen due to no intended fault of your own) you could be crushed in your business if you weren’t also selling outside of Amazon…

If you rely solely on FB Ads traffic for your business and then they make a change the TOS that no longer allows your type of products, you’re TOAST…. or if click prices in your market double (which they will eventually) and you can no longer generate profits…

Or if you rely solely on Google organic traffic and they delist your site, or the algorithm changes in some way to do away with that “highly scalable model” you were cranking out.

Or if you rely solely on Buying Media and then the networks start no longer taking certain types of offers (happens all the time).

I have seen it (and, unfortunately, experienced it many times)… you build a business ON TOP OF another company’s platform in some way and then beyond your control they do ‘something’ that CRUSHES YOU.

Well, this JUST happened in the Mobile App space…

Even to some companies making $10M+ a year. CRUSHED. INSTANTLY.

Apple recently decided they no longer want Apps in the App Store that are generated by “templates or app generation services.”

Because Apple sees these apps as ‘spammy’ (and many developers WERE cranking out thousands of apps with these tools) they have essentially DESTROYED an entire industry with one change to their Terms of Service.

There was a really successful App-Maker service that built a system to create apps for restaurants… they’re DONE. They stated that Apple contacted them and said “no more Apps made by your service.”

The same thing has happened with some other large App creation services. And other agencies using templates and other similar App code that makes it easy to crank out Mobile Apps for clients and other people.

Some of these App companies are trying to petition Apple to get them to change their minds, but GOOD LUCK to them.

Other App creation tools/services are ‘up in the air’ and don’t yet know if they will be affected by these new rules or not as Apple hasn’t exactly made things perfectly clear.

Some of these companies are now pivoting to try and just serve the “Android” app market, but the iOS market is 10X more valuable.


How would you like to be running a business that’s netting you $100,000 A MONTH in income every month… it’s just cranking along, and you are crushing it (sales are growing)… month after month… you hire more people, sign the lease for a big office space, bring in more software developers… and you’re building this THRIVING company…


Your entire business is CRUSHED overnight.


Make sure and build your business as WIDE as possible…

– Build a business on MANY traffic & customer sources.

– Build a business with multiple products & product types.

– Build a business that doesn’t rely on one company’s proprietary marketplace.

– And most importantly… build COMMUNICATION ASSETS in your business so no matter what happens to the current sources of new leads/traffic, you can still generate sales — such as through an opt-in email list, direct mail list, etc.

I’ll link to the article in the comments about how Apple’s changes are crushing these businesses… it’s a valuable lesson for YOU to learn. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

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