Mappdom is happy to be a part of the official launch of the Black BroVember Campaign, where Black Men Around the Globe Grow Their Beards to Raise Money to Empower Young Black Boys.

The best way to grow your beard is using a premium brand of beard oil, and of course, the best brand out there is Lite It Up Beard Oil.

(Read: How His Beard Got Lit – 10 Signs of a Lit Beard).

The Lite It Up Beard Oil Line is designed by black business woman powerhouse, Valerie Augustine, currently residing in Toronto, Ontario (aka “The Six” according to fellow  Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, Drake). With 15 years of success already under her belt in the Health and Beauty space, Valerie wanted to capitalize on the trend of men growing beards and offer them a premium line to help them look and smell their best. Up until her line had predominantly focussed on women.

Enjoy a Great Product. Support a Great Cause

Valerie turned to Mappdom because she knew if she was going to scale her business she would need the help of a professional marketing agency. She trusted us.

We rebranded her entire line (See Mappdom Success Case Studies here), and tied it to a great cause.  It was important to both Mappdom and Valerie to infuse the campaign with the afro-centric business values such as community versus individual success, doing well while doing good, and building mutually beneficial relationships. We wanted everyone to win with the launch, and with the BroVember Campaign everybody does.

Another Happy Client. Another Mappdom success story.

To get more details on the BroVember Campaign, visit

As always….   It is our pleasure to serve you. We do so with pride. 

Love, Mappdom Founder & CEO

Nakimbe Baobab

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