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As a marketer, I am often approached by small business owners who want me to get them likes and followers. Instantly I want to roll my eyes, but of course, I don’t. I take a deep breath and get ready to give the same speech I’ve given time and time again. Side note – I really should just do a video about this, and put it front and centre of my website, so people can view it before they contact us). Pardon my bluntness. I’m just agitated. Why?

Because I want YOU to win. I want ALL of my small business owners to realize what they REALLY want is to make money or to sell their product, or sell out their event etc. And I know, likes and followers don’t mean ish- unless it’s for branding purposes (speaking for small business owners only). Small business owners think  likes and follows means popularity, which will mean sales. That’s not how it works. It takes no time for someone to like your post. They are showing support. Does that mean they’ll buy from you. Not necessarily. Perhaps they are being polite.

I’ve done that. I’ve had a social friend or two post a picture that was downright hideous, but I liked it anyway. Why? To show support. To show that even though they didn’t fit society’s over popularization of what normal beauty standards are, I recognize this woman is beautiful in her own right. I admire that she posts pictures of herself that others wouldn’t. (I’m speaking from experience because I also know of another lady who has not posted pictures of herself in over 7 years because she’s gained so much weight and is ashamed of her body, so she only posts pics of her sweet children.

My point is this, I publicly liked a post, I didn’t like personally. That should tell you everything.


Asking for what you want in marketing

After educating my new client about what is really important in their business, their bottom line or the impact they’ve made, we focus on vitality. We focus on getting shares, not just likes and followers. We want people to emotionally commit to your banner or post. We want them to put themselves on the line.

This is the really I’ve started to ask all of my clients to ASK for what they want. (That’s a big deal in business – and in life. And it makes a significant difference in who makes it and how quickly just by making a commitment to ASK for what you want.

One of my finance clients wants to gain more followers (  – of course). So, we work on this. However, in this case it makes perfect sense. Side note – that’s why it’s important to customize every marketing plan. Every situation is different. (That was a “plug” by the way) Mappdom customizes each and every single one of our private clients’ plans. In any case, this finance company wants to get more followers, however, that’s because they want to get their blogs out to more people. (Their blog content is really quite good!).  So, they want more followers.

I suggested to them, to get more followers, have people share our good posts, so others can see how good our blog is and they too will join us!

Well – posting banners alone was not going to do it.

From my marketing expertise, I know you have to INSTRUCT people on what to do. So, we ASK  our followers to share our posts. We want to get them familiar with seeing that request, so it seeps into their subconscious, and when they read a good post, they’ll….. Well.. what do you think they’ll do? They’ll start to share our banners and posts. Much more so readily than if we just assume they will because our content is just “oh-so-good”.   Yeah,  right!


Followers and likes mean nothing if your posts don’t spread or convert. You need to tell people what to do in order to get them to act. Don’t assume they will just because you happen to be a fan of your own work!





Here is an example of an Facebook banner created by a local community group

 – Cluttered

 – Who is t targeting?

 – What’s the main focus.

Re-done by Mappdom – do you see a difference?




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